Barbecue-beef-ribs Versus barbecue-pork- ribs

What is better barbecue-beef-ribs or barbecue-pork-ribs?

When you're interested in starting a fight between people from Texas and the South ask them which kind of ribs are better tasting...

Is it bbq-beef-ribs or is it BBQ-pork ribs? I have a answer for you that is the same as the Swiss would say I like them both equally.

And I like them it's for different reasons as well. Barbecue in different regions depends on the type of animal that does well over there.

Barbecue-beef-the ribs are most prevailing in the South West especially in Phoenix Arizona where I'm from. In Texas when you talk about ribs are basically talking about barbecue-beef-ribs.

The same holds true in the other large cities of Arizona . I bet you didn't know that an Arizona we grow a lot of beef. In fact we have the Arizona cattleman Association.

Their main job is to promote beef to everyone in other words there say sink your teeth into our meat and your life will be fine.

I was driving a few years ago for Yarnell Arizona heading to Prescott to get away from the Phoenix heat. Prescott is the 6000 feet level and allow to cool it there even with a blazing sun because of the low humidity.

Well I made a wrong turn that led to me for around 20 miles down a dirt country road that was paved in a few places and finally landed me into a massive cattle ranch that I would have never known existed so close to Phoenix. There were cattle and Cowboys all over the places.

The owner of the ranch was actually directing a round up of some cattle and he came over and talked to me and after a few minutes he invited me to come over for a barbecue what a nice man! But that's the way the people are out here in the Southwest. What do you think was on the menu?

You are right if you were going to say barbecue-beef-ribs. They were cooked on a water smoker just like my Weber smoker they came out moist and meaty and was spiced up with a robe of pepper and garlic.

He had the usual sides of coleslaw and potato salad and for dessert there was one of my favorites pizza cobbler pie. So I'm sorry I digress again.

Barbecue-beef-ribs are easy to make on the grill or preferably in a water smoker smoked with hickory type of work.

It's hard for me to decide between barbecue-pork-ribs and beef-barbecue-ribs. When I'm in this kind of predicament I always do the right thing I get Both the beef ribs and pork ribs. Whoever orders 1st I order the last thing that's how I do things here in Arizona.

I hear that there are some aliens from the Phoenix lights that are here in Arizona to steal our barbecue lately on our local news. if you are not from Arizona you will probably not be familiar with the Phoenix lights? You have to Google it.

Hey I urge all the other intergovernmental agencies to be on the lookout for these unwelcome visitors from another world who are coming here to steal our great barbecue-ribs.

Bbq beef short ribs korean style

There is only one good korean bbq restaurant in phoenix,one of my patients told me about. So its far away from where I live I buy alot of stuff from amazon so i decided to try this because its far to frive and gas is expensive . When i dont feel like bbqing this is a good choice to get

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