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Hello everybody and welcome to the barbecue-review. Under this website we review barbecue-restaurants, barbecue-restaurant, and barbecue-the recipes.

I almost forgot we also review barbecue-grills and barbecue-smokers as well as barbecue-accessories. There were webpages on this site dedicated to the topic listed above. All you have to do is look on the navigation bar on the left side of the website are on the topics listed on the bottom.

It is important to take a look at the bottom of the page of each topic. You will usually find a comments invitation where you can tell us and the world what you think. We want to hear from you and know what you feel about the world of barbecue.


Also you will find usually a video from YouTube on the topic that this page is on. I hope to be doing my own videos later in the year.

On the about-us page at the bottom there is a form to fill out to give us feedback on the site. Please tell us how we can make things better the on this website, what things you would like to see, and what things you don't like.

Please tell us what topics you would like to hear about and anything else that you would like to know about barbecue so that we can add the information that you seek.

This barbecue-review is being typed right now by the computer using a special program so I don't have to type I am just talking into my microphone the computer is doing the talking. I am using a program called Dragon for the Mac. I was using the similar program at work in the hospital.

When I do a barbecue-review on the barbecue-restaurants I will go to the restaurant secretly and/or the food and try it out. Then I will write up my review and if there is anything good to say you will know it. If I have nothing good to say I am not going to be writing too much and then you will note that also-that its best to stay away and go somewhere else.

If you have a barbecue-restaurant that you like please answer the comments box and tell us all about the barbecue-joint. Tell us about the food what you like the best and tell us about the cleanliness of the restaurant and the bathrooms and we also want to know if the staff were helpful and friendly and the restaurant. Let us know if you're going to plan to go back and watch your favorite foods are.

It's now 7 AM here in Arizona it's going to be another beautiful day and I hope that you have a wonderful day also.

Whats your favorite barbecue-restaurants?

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