How to have a barbecue-Romance

A barbecue-romance is good for you. You are lucky that you love is always been a problem for single people to achieve romance but as a barbecue person you can have a barbecue-Romance.

How do you achieve this? By attending a barbecue-party thrown by good friends of yours or family members of you who can screen in some good potential mates who have the same interests as you.

It is important to attend as many barbecue-parties as you can when you're single so you can meet a wide variety of people today. This is a lot better than going online and trying to develop a blind tasting pattern. When you date online you have no way dear who these people are.

No matter what they write it's a mystery and my advice is to avoid this at all costs. No matter what the commercials say it's better to meet somebody through work through school or thru family and friends

Meet someone who looks like Marilyn Monroe at the Bbq-party

Thats how i met my wife-at a bbq-party she was beautiful looked like Angelina Jolie and sounded like Marilyn Monroe

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love near lake

I'm very serious here about meeting your soulmate who do love of barbecue and having a barbecue-romance. and you say I'm joking no one very serious that you can meet your loved one your soulmate in a bbq-party that you're invited to and just even when you stroll in alone during the weeknight to pick up some ribs in a barbecue joint.

This comes to an important point you should always look your best when you walk into a barbecue-restaurant because you never know who may be standing at the counter next to you waiting to order a rack of baby back ribs with coleslaw and potato salad and some Dr. diet pepper to keep her figure or he's figure looking good.

You need to smell well with some cologne girls would be wearing some perfume and learn how to smile if someone looks pleasant to you. Don't be afraid to ask a few questions to her or him if they are alone you could say what there you getting some ribs?

Or you could just say isn't this the greatest barbecue restaurant? Don't give out too much information about yourself let them talk and see if you like them you never know who you might meet when you least expect

The best place to find a barbecue-Romance

The best place to find the barbecue-Romance is at a bbq-party that you are invited to from friends or family. It's a good idea prior to the barbecue to let your host note that you're looking for a potential partner for life and that if they have a singles table at the barbecue to put you there so that you can chat and meet.

If you're shy type person it's about time you start talking with other people and pretend that you're not a shy person. Probably the person you're sitting across at the barbecue-party is just as shy as you are. Whats my saying fake it until you make it!

So if you see a great looking woman sinking her teeth into some baby back ribs and has barbecue-sauce dripping down her blouse you may realize that this is someone for you. If she loves ribs as much as you do you two probably could hook up for a date I'm not saying everything will work out but when you have common interests it is a lot easier to meet up and mate up.

So what do you guys and girls need to have at home

So say you meet somebody good at the bbq and your friends who have screened them tell you that he or she is okay to date. They have given you their blessing because they know these people. What are you going to prepare at home to entice them to date you and you alone.

I know you are a wonderful person and that yoi expect them to realize this also. But the main thing early in dating is get them to want to be with you.

And what helps especially with guys and also with women is to have treats that they had as kids,and we will talk about this next.

Yes adults are kids and what you have to do is get them things they loved as kids and still love now.

Whst comers to my mind and helps me get great dates is chocolate and soda.

Remeber When you were a kid..

You loved chocolate and you loved your favorite soda

When I came home from a bad day at school my mom always had my favorite foods a bottle of raspberry soda and chocolate cake.

And I still love this today it just hooks me up. So when a friend of mine invited me to her house guess what happened.

I had my eye on Julia for along time . She is blond hispanic and has a great full figure. But she was a doctor also and used to get very serious. And then there was this other women after me named Marla.

Well Julia and I went out one night to a movie and when I drove her home she asked me to come in. Something was different in the kitchen there was the soda machine and I turned into a kid because she brought out 8 different flavors and asked me which I wanted to try.

So I chosed the one I liked then the next thing that happened was she asked me if I wanted an ice cream or some chocolate cake. So i told her Im on a diet lets go with the soda.

Julia got me hooked to come over to her place

Yes she used her knowledge of being a pediatrician to get me hooked on things I likeed as a kid-I wanted all these different flavor sodas and then I forgot to call Marla I was looking forward to hanging out at julias drinking soda and eating chocolate. Julia kooked me get the sodastream and hook your date

Want to try online dating

As i said the best way to meet someone is to be referred by friends or family as they screen out the nuts. But if you do use an online service make sure that your friends and family screen them out for you,because they will see things that you do not pick up when you think you are in love

how to get a women to like you

This is the real deal . I used to be a nice guy when I was young. But learning psychiatry and medicine taught me the right way to think about women. And women reading this you know its write. How to be successful with women

Try to avoid romances online

The best way to meet someone for a barbecue-romance is when the host of the party- knows somebody who's single and has screened them for you. They act as a safety filter because they are inviting that person to their home.

When you go on a online dating site you are really dating in the blind in fact it is worse than a blind date. At least When you go on a blind date blind date your friends and family have screened out the bad seeds.

Well on online dating sites the bad seeds is still there. There is no one to screen out the bat for you and believe me when it comes to screening out unsuitable people for your heart, your friends and your family are the best.

Even if you don't agree with this believe me I found out the hard way myself. Friends and family are best when it comes to screening potential mates for you they will see things that you are blind to.

If you date on line use Perfect Match

My friends who have been successful at online dating tried different online dating sites,the ones who were happiest used perfect match...

Back at the barbecue-party

So guys what they you going to do when you see a beautiful woman chomping down on the rack of baby back ribs with barbecue sauce stripping down her chin and C is all alone?

Are you going to sit next to her by saying is this seat taken or better yet I say" I love the way you're eating those ribs they look so good" and just strike up a conversation are you going to hide like you've done for the last several years. Believe me if you want to meet somebody you got to be out there.

So you can sit down next to her and be natural be sure you have a plate of ribs and barbecue sauce and plenty of napkins so that you can offer her napkins so she can wipe the barbecue sauce off her blouse.

Now guys do not try to wipe off the barbecue sauce from her blouse unless she asks you to if things work out you'll get the chance to make out in the future. Right now you want to be polite and courteous and just become friends. Offer to get her a soda, especially a doctor diet pepper and some napkins.

Smile and be friendly engage in some conversation while she's chomping away at the ribs. While you eat you got to be polite and try not to burp even if she burps a lot. trying not to be a slob your ribs and try not to get barbecue sauce all over your shirt.

I know this is a double standard but women are watching you even when they are chomping away at their ribs and getting sauce all over their shirt you must behave. If you want to get barbecue sauce all over your self then go sit with the single guys and forget about having a barbecue-Romance

Tips for women on having a barbecue-Romance

Women you need to look great when you go out to a barbecue-party and are looking for a barbecue-Romance. You all know you have the upper hand when it comes to guys and choosing guys so go ahead and enjoy yourself at the party eat some brisket eat some baby back ribs and coleslaw and let the guys drool rule.

So women out there you're looking for love in all the right places right? Well being invited to barbecue-party is one of those right places.

It's better than going to a bar or going to online dating site. When you're invited to a barbecue-party you know your host is screening for people who are similar to them so they will probably be safe To date.

Ask your host of the barbecue-party to place you at the table where there are singles and let you know if there are any potential bachelors that you might be interested in. Then when you go to the barbecue-partly she can point out the guys to you and you can walk up to them with a plate of ribs and coleslaw barbecue baked beans and sit down next to them and eat.

don't be shy start talking to the man that your host pointed out just be yourself and eat the way you would eat at home if you wanted to rip barbecue sauce on your blouse that's okay. Drop your fork on the floor and see if the guy picks it up for you you want to find somebody who is a gentleman.

So talk to him and tell him how much you love barbecue start the conversation that the safe and hear what he has to say and courts seem to talk by laughing or smiling at his comments. You know most guys are afraid of women and their very shy especially when the woman is beautiful by the way she eats her ribs or her brisket. It's okay to eat with your fingers and be yourself.

What women need to do to get a women

Here are the secrets well written how to get a man and keep him Click on the link below women need to read this

The barbecue-romance what do you do at the end of the party

If you really getting along with this person who your host has screened for you and said that he is not a psycho, then it's okay to exchange telephone numbers and that's about it. Play it safe but if he calls you a you can go ahead and talk to him don't play phone games or had games with good people.

People who play head games or phone games or play very hard to get, never get got. so if you really like somebody who is munching away at some brisket drenched in barbecue sauce smiled at him and offered to get him a drink of Ice-Tea and also to get him some chocolate cobbler. Chocolate is always a great aphrodisiac and will make both of you feel great.

so your barbecue-romance is about to begin I with you success.

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Have A great story about your barbecue-romance

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