Carne-asada a tasty skirt steak

Carne-Asada is the Mexican grilling of skirt steak. It is one of the main ingredients of tacos. When you order tacos in a Mexican restaurant you ask for these tacos. They are the least spicy of the meats that are used in tacos and burritos.

The tacos are served with salsa-and sliced lime and sprinkled with cilantro. You take the lime and squeeze the juice on the meat. I learned about the pleasures of tacos around 20 years ago in Arizona.

Skirt steak is a tough cut of meat but it is very tasty. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other cuts of meat.

It is one of my favorite foods. I learned about this grilled meat from one of my girlfriends back in the 90's when I moved to Arizona.

The secret was out you see I went down to Mexico with her and we were eating tacos from a stand and they were just great with the hot sauce even greater.

People would stare at me putting hot sauce on my tacos you see I was the only gringo at the taco stand in the square and I was putting habenero sauce the worlds deadliest popular pepper on my taco.

Well back then I was immune to habeneros.

How dangerous is a habenero pepper? You are cautioned to not rub your eyes or touch sensitive areas of your body until you wash your hands after handling the habenero.

Its oils get on your hands and if you touch your eyes it will be try painful. think of of pepper spray !

One of my essential bbq foods-carne asada taco

this carne-asada is sitting on a flour taco waiting for you to pour some hot sauce on it,some lime juice and fresh cilantro.

Like me you will eat 4 of these and drink a glass of horchata.


ingredients for Carne Asada

you are going to get skirt steaks at the grocer -2 pounds its a cheap tough cut of steak that

is very favorable. I get it alot of times at Walmarts in a really big family pack here in Arizona.

Lucky for us people want T bones and Rib eye but with a little cooking and marinade the skirt steak is great.

You'll need vegetable oil,2 tablespoons red chili powder , two tablespoons of garlic powder,one tablespoon onion power,one tablespoon cumin,2 limes for lime juice-use 3 tablespoons of lime juice

Mix spices and lime juice together in plastic bowel and cover steaks with mixture or place it in a large zip lock bag in the refrigerator. Marinade steaks in bowel overnight if you have to cook today let it sit for at least 4 hours in mixture. Here's a good place for Mexican food supplies.

Cooking carne-asada

Fire up the charcoal grill. Place the skirt-steak on the grill and cook each side for approximately 4 minutes to 5 minutes a side. Check the internal temperature with an instant thermometer. Well done should be over 145┬░F

Remove the skirt steaks from the grill let them cool down and then with the sharp knife cut the meat into small pieces...

Serve the Carne-asada with salsa and flour burritos.

And now you are ready to enjoy- don't forget the hot sauce man this is making me hungry its 5 am I think Im going to grill me a sausage....

And I am going to make me some salsa and here is my recipe.
prepare salsa for the carne-asada

Take your flour tortillas filled them with skirt steak and cover with salsa. Take your cut limes and sprinkle the juice over the meat. Maybe add some cilantro! Add some chopped sweet onions!

And that's so simple isn't it and it's so delicious. I like flour tortillas better then corn ones it just tastes better to me and its moist. I like moist foods some people like dry stuff but moist tacos like moist barbecue from the smoker is the best.

So if you never had a carne asada taco its time you did. You will say this is great why was I eating that dried out bread?

two good carne asada seasonings you can use if you dont have the time

If you don't have the time to make the seasoning here are two good mixtures that I have tried from amazon that work well.

If there is no Mexican grocery nearby or you want the convenience of shopping online try these two Carne-Asada seasonings.

I save money these days by buying many things from amazon and not having to waste my time shopping or money on gasoline getting there.

Sometimes the price may look higher here but when you look at your time standing in line and money wasted on travel its actually cheaper especially if you buy everything you need here once or twice a month.

Skirt-steak and salsa never tasted so good with burritos!

get the right grill for carne-asada
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