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I love Ladygaga she is my religion and inspiration in what she accomplished in several years what most of us do not accomplish in a life time to become a famous pop singer. She is equally talented as an actress and I am obsessed with her genius.

Lady gaga grew up on the west side of Manhattan and went to school with Paris Hilton. She learned from here father about the various rock bands such as Queen and David Bowie which was affect her music in the future. I love David Bowie music also especially the song heroes and lets dance.

Her mother hired a piano teacher who taught Lady Gaga about classical music. The piano teaher was a stripper at Scores in Manhattan. She later went to school at New York University in Manhattan. That the strip club where Howard Stern goe, I went there a few times when a fellow physician wanted to go there on his birthday. Also just like me Lady gaga weny to NYU but she was in the Tish theatrical division while I was in Washington Square and University Division for liberal arts and the scientific and arts division. So we missed each other by around 10seconds.

Now lady gaga loves meat and loves to wear a meat dress which later she makes into jerky.

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Great Deals at Amazon for Cyber Monday

Lady Gaga comes out with a great perfume its black called Fame

Watch the interview about the great perfume designed by Ladygaga to help you seduce your significant other its made with honey,saffron,incense and a juicy apricot as wekk as belladona whch makes a womans eyes prettier by dilating the pupil

Fame Perfume Sexy and Slutty the way love should be

Sexy and Slutty is the right way to make a perfume smell. I love my fame watch the video and order fame from Amazon #littlrmonsters here on the right column.

I love my Fame perfume,it smells so sexy looks great on my skin is so unique its black in color. Check it out below

Fame by Lady Gaga

Ladygaga loves to dance

This is my favorite video . I can listen and watch it and never get tired-it actually wakes me up

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The New Kindle HD

Most excellent just got this for #199 its great from here


Interview with Perez Hilton

I love this interview its one of my favorites.

Jean paul gaultier paints lady gaga in a great

picture and captures her life in an artistc view all will like.

Cooking her meat dress on a UK show

The british sure have a great talk show . Here Lady Gaga thinks that she can outsmart the host of the show by bring a male sheep on a lease on the show.

She is always one who tries to shock her audience by being original in her costumes and basically everyday is a different one for her. Well the host today is trying to outsmart her by telling her he has her meat dress in his possession,you well see this in the video below. Ladygaga says its not her dress so they begin cutting the dress and pan frying it as steaks-how do you like that?

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