So what about the Naga-viper pepper?

I used to go down to sonora with my girlfriend just to have some tacos and burritos at a stand in sonoita sonora. Well the locals would check me out looking at the gringo who is eating the habenero sauce and sweating,well that was ne around 10 years ago.

These days i stick with the jalopenos and chipolte peppers and avoid the hotter peppers especially ones that are named after poisonous snakes like the Naga-Viper which I read is a hybrid pepper of three other very hot peppers.

As i get older I have decided to play it safe with my health,I used to ingest thai peppers which are extremely hot but have backed of those also these days.

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The naga-viper is a member of the pepper family. It is deadly and pretty at the same time for a pepper. It is one of the most hottest peppers in the world. My advice do not try to ingest this pepper its not a habanero and is approximately a million times hotter on the scoville heat scale. It was briefly the hottest pepper in the world during 2011.

The naga-viper is a hybrid pepper according to wikilopedia made by three peppers combined to be a monster hot pepper. There are many peppers that have achieved more heat out there on the planet earth. This Pepper was invented in England and is still being researched.


What makes a pepper so hot.?

It's the chemical capsaicin which makes your tongue and eyes burn and tear. This causes an increase in mucus production and tearing to protect the delicate mucosa of the eyes,nose and mouth resulting in incrased secretions.

This is the same chemical that is used in pepper spray canisters and its very concentrated in this very tiny prpper Naga-viper is a dangerous pepper to use in salsa The best thing to do with this pepper is to stay as far away as possible,these high potency peppers are as potent as a snake in my opinion.

Stick with the jalopeno aim for a serrano and i would stay away from the habenero also.

It is better not to have any health problems from very hot peppers that act like a dose of pepper spray.