let's talk about the most important thing about tailgate-food. The most important thing is to keep the food safe. that means to be properly cool in the refrigerator are in a cooler full of ice if you're only spending one or 2 days at the tailgate-party.

Anything longer than 2 days I recommend that you stay at a place where you can take a shower and keep clean also be a place where you have electricity and will be able to use the electricity and a washing machine.

I have lived in primitive places where all i had to wash was a dirty stream ,where we had to boil the water and treat the water with iodine and filter it before we were able to drink it.

it is essential to keep clean in order to maintain your moral. if you are feeling dirty and it's hard to enjoy the party.

once you have mastered the art of staying clean it's time for tailgate-food

my favorite food for the tailgate-party is as follows: tailgate-food that is easy to prepare and store and be able to be made the day before we go to the tailgate party!

chevy-pickup from the back

Dont let photoradar spoil the tailgate ever again

I was driving out to PIR racetrack in phoenix two years ago and get flahed by a photo radar truck hidden behind a bunch of oleander plants on the side . I wasnt even going fast I was only 2 miles per hour over the speed limit yet the truck flashed me took my picture and I had to pay 150 dollar fine for nothing. So I got this spray and now I'm safe

chicken wings are always safe bet at the tailgate-party

today you can buy your chicken wings already cooked and flavor and frozen at the supermarket or you can grill them over a fire and have a lot fresher tasting wings.

the night before the tailgate-party take thirty and marinate them in the following Asian marinade 2 cups of orange juice, 2 cups of pineapple juice, half a cup of sliced ginger, have a cup of sliced onions, half a cup of sliced garlic, 3 tablespoons of pad-thai sauce or tom-yum paste.

Then place the wings in the zip lock bags with the marinade and keep in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours. In the morning when you're ready to grill take the wings out of the marinade and set your grill onto 375° the same with the charcoal wait until white ashes projects out.

Then grill your chicken wings for approximately 30 min. checked internal temperature with instant read thermometer when the temperatures above is over 175°f chicken is ready to eat with blue cheese dressing.. $10 off any order of $200 or more Use Code IXAFF612, Available on Used Parts, Engines, Transmissions Other great tail-gate food on my list to bring to the tailgate-party include Cole-slaw which goes we with the chicken wings and also with bratwurst.

Next on the list here in Arizona is skirt steak which we can grill up and make into Carne-Asada tacos. I like to eat this with salsa which is easy to make for the tail-gate party.

Next on the list to bring is Jaimica drink and diet Dr.pepper. You can never go wrong with Dr.diet pepper it has a very unique taste and in Texas there is still one factory that makes it in glass bottles near Waco Texas. tailgate-food goes well with tailgate-recipes

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