Texas-Hill-country is famous for its barbecue. There was nothing like this area northeast of Austin for world-famous barbecue markets and restaurants. When I first took a trip to Texas Hill country I thought I was in heaven. ´╗┐´╗┐

Everything that I love was on the menu there was hot links the hot guts that I enjoy so much. When driving to Elgin from Austin if the weather conditions are right you can smell the barbecue smoke from around a mile or 2 away from the actual Bar-B-Q-restaurant.

I remember the first time I walked into that Southside market in Elgin and saw the tons of people waiting in line to get their beef barbecue ribs wrapped in butcher paper everybody was so happy in that place.

I stood in line and got the beef brisket a pound of that with the whole rack of ribs and decide two sides of baked beans and coleslaw. Then I got myself a big red and the doctor diet pepper. I then sat down at this giant table made out of wood with my fellow barbecue lovers and started to chow down on my ribs.


The barbecue triangle

People search on the Internet for this phrase Texas-Hill-country. Do you know why? If not then you should know why and you should visit this area as often as you can for vacation if you are a true texas-barbeque lover.

There is concentrated in this part of Texas between the towns of lockhart, Elgin, and Taylor some of the finest barbecue-restaurants in the world.

In this part of Texas there were many German immigrants who went into the business of making sausages and other kinds of meats especially Southside brisket. So this area of Texas has evolved into a barbecue holy triangle.

I often refer to this part of Texas as the barbecue triangle surrounded by Elgin Lockhart and Taylor-Texas. As opposed to Bermuda-triangle which you're trying to avoid it is a good idea to fall into the barbecue-triangle.

The barbecue triangle a barbecue lovers best friend

The Texas-Hill-country is just north east of Austin Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas and if you're coming for a barbecue holiday this is where you will fly in to the Austin airport.

My recommendation is to fly to Austin then rent a car and head out to Elgin Texas and head the South side barbecue market and eat there everything that you enjoy.

You can eat beef ribs, beef brisket and hotlinks which I love take a side of coleslaw and washed it down with big red or Dr. Pepper.

I love Dr. Pepper and I love eating at the South side market in Elgin. Another tip when flying into Austin try to skip your lunch so you'll have enough room to eat in Elgin.

You'll need a place to sleep so check out the different listings in Elgin, Taylor, and Lockhart. You'll be going back in forth in these towns eating you way through the world's best barbecue.

Find a hotel the way I do

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Great Texas-Hill-country barbecue restaurants

So what is my criteria for being a great Texas-Hill-country barbecue joint? Well, it's all about the food! Who has the best sausage? Who has the best brisket? And who has the best ribs? How do you know? The best ways to see how many people are waiting to get into the barbecue-restaurant.

So we have to start speaking to the locals and asking them where they go. That's the way to find out where a great-barbecue-restaurant is. 1st of all you need to make friends with someone who lives in the town, or someone who visits suits frequently that the.

Another good way to find out who has great merit is to just walk into the restaurant and see what that does to you. What is being displayed in the counter-does make your mouth while your on line? If yes then why don't you try a sampler plate.

Getting to Texas Hill Country

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here is one of my favorite bbqs in Texas-hill-country

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