Texas-barbeque there is a reason for this phrase. Texas barbecue is the best barbecue that I have ever eaten and believe me when it comes to eating barbecue I'm in the top 10% of the world.

I have traveled many times to Texas just to try their barbecue on the weekend. What I will do is get on a plane from Southwest Airlines with my points for me using my credit card. I make this holy pilgrimage around once a month.

I keep up with the best of the barbecue-restaurants listed in Texas monthly and I go and eat at that restaurant. I have to say that till now none of the barbecue restaurants that I have been to have disappointed me.

But then maybe it's because of what I am eating in those restaurants. I always try to eat the same thing. I'll always get a rack of ribs preferably baby back ribs with a side of brisket. You have to order the brisket when you're in Texas are you'll get run out of town by the locals.

Texas brisket is the best. It has to do with the fact that there are so many cattle in the hills and valleys of Texas. If you've never been to Texas you have to visit and you have to come to see the Texas Hill country which to me is the holiest spot when it comes to barbecue. Visiting Texas Hill country real Texas-barbeque There is so much competition and cookoffs and contests in Texas that you could spend the rest of your life eating through tons of baby back ribs and brisket and all the various side dishes and desserts and you would never finish all the restaurants.

I should have considered doing that for a living. When I go into a Texas-barbeque joint it is always crowded with people it doesn't matter what time of day or night there was always somebody there.

For Texans barbecue is a way of life and Texans who leave Texas get very homesick for their most famous barbecue. Texas-bbq in my opinion is the best in the world.

If you can get to Texas for vacation or business trip try to stay at least 3 or 4 days extra so that you can visit many barbecue-restaurants. I have met many people who think like me and eat their way through Texas-barbeque.

They actually make a road trip like I do of Texas heading from one town to another speaking with the locals direct them to the best barbecue in that town.

The Folks in Texas are very friendly and you will have a great time speaking to them about their true passion of Texas-barbeque.

don't get me wrong about all of the other states when it comes to barbecue. There was great barbecue in many states in the United States but that seems to be a daily ritual in Texas it is an obsession.

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Texas-barbeque terms you need to know

Here are some terms you need to know if you're an outsider to Texas barbecue so when they ask you if you want the big red or if they ask you if you want a hot cup you won't think that they're giving Q somebody's guts and a big red.

Big red-this is a super secret drink it's a cream soda that's was only sold in Texas until recently. it has a very unique taste because it's mixed between orange some lemon and vanilla flavor. If you're standing, lying in a Texas Bbq-joint and order a big red then people might actually think you're from Texas.

Hot guts- this is a super spicy very hot sausage that originates from the Texas Hill country. It is very hot to to the chilies that there inside.

if you order big red and some hot guts people will really think your one of us. after eating some hot guts and drinking a big red you might defect from the North East and come be one of us. How do you dress in Texas? The answer is casual. You need to relax and get into the barbecue blues type for mood. People here know how to enjoy life and chill out.

If you're coming to Texas for the 1st time I suggest you go into a Western store and get yourself a pair of boots and also cowboy hat and a bolo tie and then a pair of jeans.

Then you will fit in better.

Dressing in the southwest How to pass as a local

You are no longer in the North East where you have to dress up with a tie and the jacket just to come out of your house. It's time to dress down and relax. Eat your texas-barbecue in ease

did you ever see a pair of jeans? Well that's what we wear in the southwest and in Texas . did you ever hear of Levis jeans? He invented jeans in the 1800s to make it stronger and comfortable for our cowboys and pioneers in the West.

So you don't have to get yourself a pair of jeans and then Jean shirt. now if you want to really fit in your have to get yourself a pair of boots like I go.

Tony llama rattlesnake boots get the snakeskin boot so people will be think you are a local. They may not ask you any questions if you don't talk to them they won't know that you're from the Northeast. You can consider getting a Bollo tie. You may ask what is a bolo tie it's a tie with 2 strings coming from the bottom and it doesn't make you look like a penguin like the ties in the Northeast.

Just don't get the Bollo tie that has a scorpion in that one would give you away as a tourist. We people in Arizona know that anyone who wears a tie with a scorpion is a tourist.

How to act with Texans and people from the South West

When you go into a restaurant here for Texas-barbecue you will find that people will start talking to you and being friendly that might scare you but don't be scared you are not in the North East.

People here in the Southwest are very friendly and like to talk and enjoy life as much as they love Texas-barbecue. When I lived in the Northeast the closer I got to New York City people would not talk and if you would ask them a question they would actually be afraid if you.

Well here in the Southwest as well in the South people are friendly and enjoy talking to strangers because the best way to make a friend is to talk to a stranger.

So if somebody asks you a question or talks to you while you are online in the barbecue joint don't get scared and run away. Be a man and talk back have a conversation about barbecue. Hey you could even buy them a Dr. Pepper!

If I wasnt here in Arizona I would move to Texas in a heartbeat to be close to that delicious Texas-barbecue and great state and people

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