I love thai-barbecue

Yes there is thai-barbecue which is spicy and more heat packin then American barbecue. Thai chillis are super hot and guarantee that if you are not used to them you will be sweating and your mouth will be on fire. This happened to me whom I was younger-but now I have common sense and stick to jalopenos.

Thai-barbecue country take a trip this year

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Today I'm going to speak to you about thai-barbecue. Thai barbecue is a very spicy and delicious barbecue because of all the exotic spices better that go into it.

First I going to tell you about how my ex-girlfriend tried to test my stamina when we first met. Do you know what she did?

On my first date with her we went actually on a blind date and I met her at this hotel dining room in Phoenix. She was very attractive and very polite it seemed like the other men who were single were trying to make conversation with her when I showed up.

She knew what to look for me because of the way I was dressed and she came to me right away much to the dismay of the other single guys there.

We sat down at the table and see or that some appetizers. This happened back in 1999 when I had just moved to Arizona and I was still not familiar with many of the spices. See asked me to try a sauce and I did and I almost died. But I didn't show it.

Because I had to be a tough cowboy here I am in Arizona dressed in the Western shirt with the western half and the bolo tie and my boots made out of snake.

So I couldn't talk I was gasping for water and asked her what was that that I had taken. She told me this was one of her favorite hot sauces that contained the pepper hold habanero.

She then told me that this was the hottest pepper in the world and that I had passed the test anyone who could survive eating the hottest pepper and still talk normally with someone that she could date. Don't you think she has a really sick sense of

humor? I look back at that day and think to myself I could have died from that habanero pepper sauce you know they make a defensive spray to spray on bears from habanero. Well, that's enough of my story let's get back to talking about Thai barbecue.

I just love anything that is a Thai recipe because you know it's going to be smelling wonderful from all the different herbs and it's going to taste great because of that coconut milk and it's going to be warm from all those Thai chilies.

Thai spices

Thai spices include several very interesting and exotic spices the 1st being galanga GaL-aN-GHA this is a cousin of the ginger root, and has a very pleasant and exotic smell. It is thought to enhance the gastrointestinal track performance.

The Thai chili is a very hot it is much hotter then the jalapeño chili and is small in size. In thai it is translated to be called “mouse shit pepper”-because thats what it looks like. The Thai chili is used throughout Thai cooking. Chilies have a very good effect on the health of people.

Chili's promote low blood pressure and destroy parasites in our intestines. They also have a good effect on the bowels as you probably aware of to go to the bathroom. So they act as a natural laxative.

Then there is lemongrass which is a very aromatic and pleasant smelling herb that is used in many Thai dishes including the famous Tom Yum soup. This is one of my favorite foods in the world after barbecue. I have Tom Yum soup every day it is so easy to make using Tom Yum paste with coconut milk.

Coconut oil and coconut milk are very healthy because they do not contain any sugar they have a very low carbohydrate count and a mostly made of vegetable fat coconut milk has been used for medicinal purposes in Thailand for thousands of years.

General words of advice on chilies


If you're new to the world of thai-Chili's then you need to take it slow. Do not try to impress other people by being able to eat very hot dangerous chilies . It's not worth it because all this will do to you is make you sick.

When it comes to the right-barbecue is important to remember to avoid the very strong chiles if you're not used to them. Otherwise you will end up with Chile diarrhea which is very unpleasant because instead of burning your mouth it will be burning the other side if you know what I mean so take it slow.

I have many favorite recipes that I like with thai-barbecue. Some of my favorites are thai barbecue ribs and thai chicken. Will go over these recipes very soon.

The beauty of thai-barbecue is that all the difference herbs and seasonings that thai cooking has comes together for us who love both barbecue and exotic spiciness.

Below are several interesting videos from YouTube on different types of thai barbecue.

Please leave in the comments box your thoughts on different thai-barbecue. You can also send us a picture, or add another recipe.

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Here is a good video on spicy thai-barbecue

After you thai-barbecue you need some dessert

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