I was once into vegetarian-barbecue-recipes

Believe it or not there was a time when I experimented with vegetarian-barbecue-recipes. The reason was a very simple I was a poor medical student and I was living on a limited budget. Also where I live there was no beef only chicken. I remember one time splurging by going out and buying some meat that was imported from Argentina.

I decided to make myself a hamburger and proceeded to fry the meat up in my skillet guess what happened? Well the meet started to disintegrate as it was mainly fat instead of being 80% protein 20% fat I have a feeling it was 20% proteins and 80% fat. So I was left with some grease and a tiny piece of meat at the bottom of my skillet.

So when I was in school I went into the cafeteria to get some lunch and noticed that they had hamburgers and hot dogs. I was so happy being here in the Third World with some real beef meat.

Well I got myself a hamburger and a hot dog after my hamburger melted down at home. Well guess what it did not taste like meat from a good old American cow. no my friend this was soy! I had crossed from the meat line to the dark side I had become a vegetarian.

Or I'm not sure what you would call somebody who spend 4 years with vegetarian-barbecue-recipes eating only yogurt-soy burgers and soy franks and occasionally a piece of fish every 6 months. I really was not in to eggs so I managed to survive on pita bread, hummus, tehina, and soy shaped to imitate a hamburger or hot dogs.

For vegetarian-barbecue-recipes take a look at some vegetables

Things are a lot better today for the vegetarian-barbecue

Today in the year 2012 you can get vegetarian-barbecue ribs that really look and taste like meat barbecue. Yes our advanced technology has made it possible for soy to resemble baby back rib. And you can get Boca burgers that's the brand that taste just like real hamburgers complete with the smoky flavor.

These guys are real geniuses and I wish I had them when I was in college and medical school instead of eating the 1st models of soy burgers where they were experimenting with soy replacement for me.

after 4 years of exile from real meat like a T-bone steak I was so happy to get back to the US I headed straight to the waffle-house and got myself a T-bone steak with eggs and some waffles.

Oh I forgot to mention that they did have schwarma which was at the time expensive but I used to get that I think 4 times a year. I really had no time to go downtown where the schwarma was located. I think I ran out of room on this page to talk about vegetarian-barbecue-the recipes so let's see what we should do.

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