about-us the barbecue master and his team the bbq-kitten and bbq-cat

about-us is about BigAl who is assisted by his team of the bbq cat Jasmine and bbq kitten Burnt Edges. We are a very smart team when it comes to mastering bbq as we are masters of the meat.If you don't know Siamese cats are smart in fact they are as trainable as dogs in tests.

As you go down this page you can see Jasmine is warming some brisket we cooked for 18 hours in the smoker with hickory wood. She is a Siamese-cat and has the intelligence of a dog. She is very friendly not afraid of getting her paws dirty with coals. These Siamese-cats spend the whole day meowing around the house

Burnt Edges I found as a kitten at a gas station running around lost in Phoenix-I saved her life at the time when it was 100 degrees outside.

I just scooped her up into my hands put her in the car and took her home and she is one of my best friends. I don't know what would have happened to her if I didn't come along. I suspect she got out of somebody's car or camper who knows?

Such a cute kitten I can't believe someone would have let her out on purpose,

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Its alot of work to keep the site up to date and working. We would appreciate a donation what ever you can afford-a quater or a dollar,or whatever you want would be appreciated. The money goes to feeding our siamese cats who are working on the website as we speak. It takes a lot to keep the site up to date.

Jasmine discussing our articles for this website and meditating

Yes she is deep in thought for a kitten . She has grown up on smoked meat and barbecued salmon,one time i came home from the hospital after a hard day at work and could not find her. But i heard some meows coming from the bedroom.

She was hiding under the bed in the base of the mattress,she apparently discovered a small hole and i was looking for her everywhere but her tiny meows caught my ear and I scooped her out of the mattress, What a trouble maker!

 Siamese-kitten looking down

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make custom gifts at Zazzle I needed a companion for Jasmine while I am at work and adopted Burnt Edges. The kitten who talks to me everyday about learning the secrets about bbq.

I just got a new kitten who is white with black feet and tail. She is part Siamese and the father no ones knows who he was. There were six kittens being given away I got the last of two! She needed a name-I love bbq,I got thinking in my bar-be-que mind.

I started to think what can I call this kitten with black feet and tail-then the flashbulb went off! Why not Burnt edges! Just the way the tips of a smoked brisket ends up.

So my 6 week kitten had a new name Burnt Edges! This got me thinking even more over a plate of brisket this morning!

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As far as I go I have been barbecuing since the early 1995 and using water smokers in the 1990s until now. I have been making my own recipes and also I have become interested in thai food which is very spicy and wonderful.

I am a self taught chef, i think my training in chemistry in college was very useful to becoming a chef. if you mix up the wrong chemicals in the lab you can end up with lots of disasters.

One time i was tired in organic chemistry lab at NYU as I worked in college to pay my tuition, and dumped the chemicals in the wrong disposable container under the hood. When

I got back to my seat I saw green gas floating out of the chemistry hood . That green gas caused the lab to be evacuated. Needless to say this experience taught me how to cook and mix ingredients.

Thats me thebarbecuemaster Alan

I am smiling because I'm lucky to be alive in a beautiful place called Arizona and have two beautiful siamese cats as part of the family. And we all love barbecue. I still have family in NYC.

its interesting how these cats are from Thailand and I also discovered the great cuisine of Thailand

thats about us-we like to bbq everything tasty.

Big-al,the-bbq-cat Jasmina ,and the-bbq-kitten Burnt Edges we write and take care of this website. BigAl is the Master of the meat the keeper, of the eternal flame of hickory smoke.

We started barbecuing in the 1990s and we originally put this website on in 2003 with site-sell.

I have been making my own recipes and also I have become interested in Thai food as I mentioned which is very spicy and wonderful.

I hope it makes you happy and teaches you something about barbecue and smoking meat and Bbq sides my passion.I hope you will post on my site We love hiking Arizona,astronomy,David Bowie music and Lady Gaga and Howard Stern and amateur radio also.

Actually eating Bbq has helped me lose weight from eating less carbohydrates and making my health better. I work out everyday and get a high from exercise.

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You may ask how I built this website

Back in 2003 I knew nothing about websites or programming computers,I used a computer to surf the web and for email. But I wanted to learn and started looking at different we bite companies and by accident I found Ken Envoy's place and I took a chance.

What he wrote was real here I thought I am going to try this out -and thanks to him I learned all about websites and Html and it has enriched my life. While being a barbecue master is number one knowing what the websites are call about is good for you too-not as good as a plate of ribs you know. So take a look. take a look at sitesell it may be something you might want to try out-it tells the story about-us

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