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Verified by, this website ranks in the top 1% of all websites on the Net for traffic. This is not a corporate site. All our content is unique and it is written by us, offering visitors tried and tested barbecue tips based on real life experience.

A few pages may contain content submitted by visitors, which is first edited and then published with our quality approval. Established, built and maintained single-handedly by thebarbecuemaster since 2005, has and is steadily growing traffic.

Our readers are primarily people at home with their grills and smokers with a passion for barbecuing and grilling their ribs,steaks and butts.

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1. Sitewide Sponsorship - We are offering opportunities to a very limited number of carefully selected sponsors, who add value to the visitors to this site. Should you wish to join our sponsorship team, your image ad will appear on our most visited pages of, which currently has over 140 pages of quality content (and it is still growing. We update our site weekly.

2.Your image will be featured in the right hand column with a significant ad size of up to 200x200px above the fold, to attract targeted traffic to your site.

3.Links can be purchased and will be either text links or you supply a microbanner 88x30 up to a larger banner.

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If you have a product that is barbecue related,grill related,smoker related or a spicy food this is the place to advertise it. Our readers are avid bbq fanatics like I am,we live and breath bbq and steaks and bbq sides. There is a limited amount of advertisers

We love pork and beef ribs as well as bbq sides-cole slaw,potatoe salad. In fact this is the place to sponsor your product if it meets my quality standards.

If you advertise on other food sites that are not bbq related you are not getting the attention to your products that will be here.

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So advertisersleave us your proposal,email and telephone number and someone will get back to you within 2 business days. We are very busy but will make sure that your proposal is given the outmost consideration

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