So I am interested in what Australian-bbq is like . I have relatives in Syndney and need to get back there one of these days. i have not been there since the 1980's been to busy working.

I think Australia would be another country I would love to live in because it is similar in many ways to Arizona in climate and geography.

There is a large interior desert called the outback that is beautiful and wild. thats what appeals to me about Arizona its a wild and beautiful place.

And they love to bbq. what else do you need? I will tell you what is great in Australia they have the beach everywhere. In Arizona if you want to go to the beach you have to drive 5 hours to Mexico to the closet beach in Rocky Point Mexico in the stater of Sonora.

It is a very strenuous trip because you pass thru thr prt of Arizona and Mexico called the Camino de Diablo-This is translated into English as the Road of the Devil.

WHy do they call this that-because it is bone dry and even the cactus has trouble living here. There is no water period except in some hollowed out tanks of rock part of the year.

There are many pioneer graves here of people who tried to cross this desert to head to California in the 1800s who dies and are buried above ground in rock graves.

So we need to endure this in order to drive to the beautiful beach at Puerto Penasco. On the road there you will see trucks carrying Mexican soldiers who guard the border and we just wave at them. The only other beach close by is to fly to San Diego or go with Route 8 another long drive thru Gila point to get to the beaches in San Diego.

The problem there is so much traffic on the highways of San Diego. I still go to Rocky Point but now with all the drug wars people are getting scared to go to Mexico. It never scared me. Maybe its just I'm lucky sometimes....


Australia has the beach

in fact its surrounded by the ocean on all sides what better place then to have an Australian bbq. And there are so many remote places that you can really be alone if you want to,not like the beach in san diego.

The australinan-bbq makes good use of weber equipment which is may favorite brand

What do they cook at the Australian-bbq?

The same things that we do hear in the USA especially at picnics and beach parties. They also love to eat outside I noticed when I was in Syndney on vacation.


Australians have unique words for bbq

barbi-means a barbeque

snags-stand for sausage.

So you will ask your host can I have my snag cooked at the barbi well done?

More vocabulary is listed below.

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Aussie bbq forum

Here is the largest bbq forum in Australia. its interesting to see what they are grilling up here is the aussie-bbq-society on australian-bbq

Australian-bbq words you need to know

If you are not from Australia then you need to learn some words so you can relate to their great country.

The way we in the USA have slang words so those Australia and Great Britain. Australian-barbecue ha some interesting expressions which we will learn below so print it out or write it down.

Here are some vocabulary terms that will help you when you go to your next barbecue in Australia.

Many terms related to beer which is an important food source in Australia just like here in the USA

Aussie slang terms for the bbq-party

Amber fluid - beer

Avos - avocados



ByO-Bring Your Own grog, bring your own food to the party or barbecue

chook-a chicken

coldie- a beer

cut lunch - a sandwich


longneck- a big bottle of beer

mystery bag-another name for sausage

bring a plate -bring your own food to a bbq

tallie-750 cc of beer


tucker-food to eat

vedgies-vegetables for the vegetarian

top end-far north of australia like here in the usa

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