avoiding-sugar there is enough sugar in our diet

Avoiding-sugar is important for people with diabetes or people who are overweight.When you have diabetes or are overweight it is important to avoid extra sugar in your diet.

Now you know how to avoid-sugar in your ingredients by looking at the labels and looking for the word sugar.

But you know that sugar can be labeled by its chemical name that you learn when you take a chemistry course especially organic chemistry which I took back in college as part of my premedical studies.

So what are you looking for ? Look at the ingredients listed and look for an ending in the last three letters ose.


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Ose is the ending in ingredients that means sugar in organic chemistry

So for avoiding-sugar in your diet especially extra sugar you need to look for the words ending in ose. Here are some common words to look for on lables fructose-sugar found in fruits lactose-sugar found in milk dextrose maltose glucose-the most common sugar when we talk about the sugar that our body uses,that insulin lowers in our blood

So if you see the above words in your label there is a good chance there is sugar in the product even if the word sugar is not present

When avoiding sugar your taste buds will begin to taste seetness better

I avoid sugar almost completely in my diet because of diabetes. I find I feel better by sticking to high protein low carbohydrate diet. Now again much carbohydrates which are starchy foods are broken down in simple sugars like glucose.

What do to to help your body use sugar better

When we try avoiding-sugar we need to be aware about the ingredients that are on the labels of food as we have seen above.

When we are born we have a certain amount of insulin receptors that help lower the sugar content in our blood to prevent us from having high anounts of glucose in the blood.

What can you do to help your insulin receptors in your body work better?

You can help your body by doing several things

Lose weight to help your body

The fatter you are the less effective are our insulin receptor in lowering our sugar causing the sugar level to go up in the blood.

Start a simple exercise program

The more you exercise the more calories you burn which helps your body lose weight and then your insulin receptors on your bodies cells will work better.

Before starting your exercise program go see your physician for a checkup and tell him oe her you want to start an exercise program . The easiest way to do so is to begin walking a few minutes a day to relax your mind and also to start swimming at your local ymca.

Besides avoding-sugar using exercise will give you a great sense of well being and helps lift depression

Exercise from your home office

As a physician and a writer I spend to much time sitting in a chair and even thou I go hiking I spend most of my time at home so I finally found a product-this award winning threadmill that I recommend and use everyday. You can put your computer on the desk and work with it while walking.

If you are serious about losing weight and you had your check up with your doctor this will help you lose weight.

I put my mac pro on top and write away while walking on the threadmill instead of sitting in the chair. You will want to have a good fan to blow air on you while walking and with your gym clothes you will want shorts that are non chaffing to protect your thighs-that's what I do. avoiding-sugar now go to thebarbecuemaster.net

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