Baby-back-ribs are the most favorite food for me. The first time I had baby-back-ribs I must have been in my twenties when they still didn't have an internet back in the early 1980s.Well this was the most delicious thing I ever ate. I needed to know more and went on a baby-back- rib quest.

Theses ribs are a lot more tender then regular pig ribs or beef ribs the meat just falls from the bone if smoked right. They are made from young pigs and are extremely tender and are the best of pork ribs these baby-backs.

Fame the perfume by Lady Gaga

Fame by Lady Gaga

Here are some baby-back-ribs i made

Well these are made once a week at my smoker usually on a friday night before I retire for the night.

I go to sleep then that way by lunchtime on Saturday they will be done and ready to eat with a great side of coleslaw and dripping with bbq sauce of course.

Sometimes I know why baby-backs are ready because my neighbors appear at the door on Saturday around 12 asking to borrow some tool-I know that the smoke drifts over to their side of the fence and they start mouth watering for the barbecue-ribs.

baby-back-ribs on a plate

The Razor Sharp knife I use to cut my bbq

This is my favorite knife for all kind of things with the sharpest edge I have ever had out of the box. Perfect for cutting your ribs or brisket.

More on Barbecue-ribs

Barbecue-ribs are more then a type of meat. They are a type of comfort food for most people including vegetarians who have gone out of their way to design a vegetarian rib made of soy that is served with barbecue sauce also.

If you are like most meat eaters and fans of barbecue you lust for barbecue-ribs. It is as feeling of heaven to sit down to a full rack of ribs well smoked in hickory or pecan or mesquite and to feel the saliva dripping in your mouth with anticipation to get to eat meat so sweet that you don't need to have teeth to it in.

When done right all you have to do after 8 hours of cooking the ribs over a water smoker is let the meat fall of the bone. There is nothing that smell and tastes better then the ribs served with your favorite barbecue side dishes.

My favorite sides with baby-back-ribs are cole slaw and potato salad. When I have a plate of this in front of my eyes I feel like I have gone to heaven.

It doesn't matter if its pork or beef ribs as long as they have been slow cooked and smoked so that the meat is soft falling of the bones I am happy. For the time that I ask enjoying these ribs a work of beauty there is nothing to worry me.

The world of worry is far away as these ribs are a real comfort food. To a barbecue lover ribs are the best barbecue food except maybe for some brisket, Many times I will longer over my plate of finished ribs wondering if I should go for seconds; ,

I am not afraid to say that I could east a whole rack of ribs and go and eat a second each with no trouble. I am sure you feel the same way as me. So I remember the first time I had barbecue ribs.

They were Asian ribs called spare ribs made with soy sauce and ginger. I think I must have been 11 years old. I love the taste of these pork ribs and they became a favorite whenever we had chinese food I only wanted the spare ribs with an egg roll.

Growing up in the Northeast I did not know about the wonderful barbecue culture of the South and southwest. I did not find out about this unit I was out of college in my twenties when I visited Florida and went to some barbecue joints.

Man was I in heaven. Look at these lucky people with baby-back-ribs everywhere and having barbecue restaurants everywhere. Where I grew up there was no barbecue restaurants the only place to find ribs were at the chinese restaurants.

So I headed west to Texas in my twenties and I remember stopping in the airport I think it was in Dallas . At the airport there was a stand with pork ribs and brisket. I realized then that I was a Texan .

What a great state to have Bbq at the airport not to mention on every other block it seemed. People in the Northeast are just beginning to take up to barbecue. I think the cold weather and lack of sunlight make everyone in the North depressed and they need to start barbecuing like I did in the winters. I was the only one who special ordered whole each of ribs from my grocer.

It was a pain to get those ribs before the internet but I braved the 25 degree weather and my trusty Weber smoker came thru.

Dont trust people who dont like baby-backs

Can you imagine there are people out there who do not like baby-backs? Is that unbelievable or what? Never trust anyone who doesn't like baby-back-ribs especially if they are not vegetarians. pthere is probably something very wrong with them -like liking to eat snails.

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love baby backs Not rated yet
just give me ribs I'll be happy. like your website you most really like ribs!

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i am a beginner in bbq but i wanted to try to make the baby-back-ribs as a surprise for my family. i bought the weber smoker thru amazon on your site and …

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baby-back-ribs Asian Style recipe

ingredients for cooking-baby-back-ribs Asian style

2 racks of baby-back-ribs

one cup 5 spice powder--buy in a chinese market or supermarket

half a cup splendid or brown sugar

1/4 cup of chili powder

Sauce for eating below:

one cup of good soy sauce

one cup of chili garlic sauce-i use the ones from hong kong

one cup hoisin sauce

3 bunches of scallions

Mix all the spices and sugar the night before and coat thinly the ribs.

Place ribs back in the refrigerator in a plastic container.

An hour before you are going to cook get your smoker going to a temperature of 220 degrees f. remember to put water in the water dish of the barbecue-smoker

Take your ribs out and place them on the bbq- smoker.

Expect cooking time one hour per pound of ribs to one and a half hour you are going to get used to this rule the more you smoke ribs.

Check every 2 hours the temperature on the smoker and with the remote probe your ribs temp. It's going to take 1 hour for each pound ribs to one in a half hours if you keep the lid down and stop peeking in.

hour the temperature-check that your water pan is full

when the ribs are at internal temperature of 160 its done

make the sauce

Mix one cup hosin sauce with 1/4 cup of soy sauce.

Chop up the scallions in small pieces add to sauce.

if you want it spicy add the chili garlic sauce on the side-i like yum kumg king band from hong kong

you will have to experiment and see what mixture taster you like

Barbecue-ribs thru amazon

I have send this as a present to friends and family in the northeast where barbecue is almost no-existent and they all raed about this. Amazon is one of the best companies on the web and your order will get true as mine has with no problems. If there are no good ribs near you try this sampler out.


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