Backyard-bbq what are we going to plan

Are you throwing a backyard-bbq and inviting some friends and relatives?

The secret to making the barbecue-party a success is to have enough food yes enough meat and enough sides so that people can doggie back some food home.

My studies show that at the end the people with the most good food will plenty of sec on helping will win the hearts of your guests. Good food and plenty of it including good sides- coleslaw and barbecue-baked-beans are essential.

Make sure to have plenty of soda to drink and juices,since many people today are overweight or have diabetes have equal amounts of sugar free drinks. get a soda stresam maker and save money and calories

What are you cooking at the backyard-barbecue?

What are you going to smoke or grill for your backyard-bbq?

How many people are coming?

My barbecue ideas would be to grill some steaks or grill some hamburgers or salmon.

Ribs are essential because everyone loves them and a half a rack of ribs per person is the minimum.

When it comes to steaks you can save money by grilling skirt steaks and making carne asada for burritos and tacos its delicious. Have plenty of salsa and guacamole for the party.

Make your backyard-bbq theme based with Mexican bbq food or cowboy themed have everyone dress in jeans,cowboy hats and show a John Wayne movie a spaghetti western like rio bravo, and other great John Wayne movies while sitting down to a great rack of ribs with friends. Thats how I enjoy my backyard-bbq with my friends here in Arizona.

Make your own soda at home for the backyard-bbq

That is what I have been doing for years. You will not lug soda bottles ever again! Do everything at home with no electricity just a soda syrup water and your co2 carbon dioxide canister. ANd sodastram has totally natural soda flavors with no artifical anything!

What a pleasure!

SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA

Play some classic cowboy songs at the backyard-barbecue

Try some honky tonk country singers like Chris Wall one of my favorites with his album Tainted Angel. It is one of my favorite albums from Texas.

Want to really impress the guests hire a local country band if its a really large picnic..It doesn't sound corny does it?

But you can just play this great record thru your stereo and have the same effect.

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Don't let the bugs take over your yard when you're having a BBQ party this spring against, this is what I use my home along with the chiminea and pinon wood to keep the bugs away.lowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2-Acre Coverage. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2-Acre Coverage

Backyard-barbecue ideas for sauces

Make certain you have enough bbq sauce if your inviting alot of people to the bbq.

Consider asking everyone to bring their favorite bbq side dish to the bbq-party so everyone can try something new and different.

Highly recommended sauce if your to lazy to make mine from the recipes

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some really funny stuff here are you a comedian and a doctor too! I orderd the above cd and dvd they are favorites! I learned alot about bbq-partys …

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What are we going to have for dessert? Who has room for dessert .I can hardly walk. I must have gained a pound from eating that half pound of brisket and trying all the sides and I don't know how much barbecue-beans I ate.

Well, we can go light and just have fruit. Yes but that will not be enough for some of your guests you know what you will have to have- some apple-cobbler with ice cream

Backyard-bbq always lead me to summer-desserts

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