barbecue-addiction do you have it? If you put me in front of the bucket of barbecue-chicken-wings there is a good chance that when you return or there will not be any wings left I must admit that I am addicted to several things that are hot and spicy. I have a barbecue-addiction.

It is better not to leave me in a room alone with the following items:

Do not leave me alone with barbecue-chicken-wings, the same applies with Tom-Yum-soup, and the same applies when you put the plate of barbecue-brisket close to me where my nose can smell it.

Yes the men in black tried to rehabilitate me-they send me to their rehab facility to eat soggy chicken without spices,to each quiche and tofu. But it did not work. I was able to have my comrades in arms smuggle me in spicy rubbed barbecue-ribs. It was not easy to do but with the bribe of brisket to the guards Jasmina the bbq-cat was able to get the job done

There is another weakness that I have concerned barbecue. I cannot control those when it comes to sausages that contain cheddar cheese or jalape├▒o with cheese. That reminds me that I lose control when there is a bratwurst cooked and ready to eat warm sitting in front of me.

It becomes very hard for me to concentrate when those above barbecue foods are close by, especially if they have been smoked with hickory wood.

If you suffer from the same symptoms then you have a barbecue-addiction just like me. As long as you're able to have a fix of your favorite barbecue once a week you will be fine. Don't worry there are many of us out there.

I also have a barbecue-addiction you may call it a weakness for certain side dishes namely cool creamy spicy coleslaw, and barbecue-beans. I do like potato salad but I've eaten so many potatoes in my childhood because there was nothing else to eat that I try to avoid eating a potato when I'm out at the restaurant.

I want to be able to experience new and exciting ingredients and being able to add to my barbecue-review.

I must mention that I love to travel and experience new barbecue in a new stage in our new city. There are so many different barbecue places in Arizona and in the Southwest that you will never run out of places to be able to do a barbecue-review.

I have been up all night writing several articles and it's now 7 AM and I'm going to try to get a little sleep on this Saturday morning.

I hope you enjoy it what do I have to enjoy? The movies of course. Because when I watch some movie especially if it's a spaghetti Western then I bring out the best and you can guess what that is or barbecue and Thai food.

I am also going to review Thai restaurants that I frequent and write a report on each one the style of me is to go to a restaurant where they to not know me and where I do not announce that I will be there a certain day. I want the owner to consider every day is a day where the inspection might happen.

Is there anything else I forgot to write about in this barbecue-review? Well over there is on my about us page which tells the story of me end my 2 cats you can fill out the comment forwards it to me or you can fill out a form on my about us webpage.

Best regards from big Al.

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