Barbecue-catering how to pick the right outfit

So you decided that you want to hire a barbecue-catering outfit to do your barbecue-party or you want to start your own catering business. How do you decide who to hire?

And one thing I have showed you how easy it is to barbecue and grill your own food and food for others but you still want to hire your own barbecue-catering outfit or begin making money being a bbq-caterer

Well I can understand that if you are hiring someone to grill and smoke for over a few hundred people. When I lived in downtown Phoenix there is an area of exclusive millionaires called the Biltmore estates.

Now you have to understand that in Phoenix because it's a desert there are very few places or neighborhoods that are totally green and irrigated.

Well the Biltmore Estates are basically mansions in the desert and they are for the most part totally irrigated and have giant trees that line the streets and remind me of the cooler part of the United States.

Sometimes you just want to take a walk in this neighborhood which surrounds a golf course that is irrigated because everything is pretty and it's green. This area is also close to the Biltmore Hotel actually it's adjacent to the Biltmore Hotel.

So when I moved to Phoenix in 1999 I used to go walking in this neighborhood because I live not far away from it and it was relaxing to be where it was green.

After a few months of walking in the neighborhood people who live there used to wave at me and I used to wave back, I guess they thought I lived there because I made a routine of walking every other day.

So one day in the evening while it was still light I was walking past the house that had a big rock that said barbecue-catering. And there was a whole bunch of cars lining the street in front of this Mansion.

Now I have been friendly with the owner of this house and while I was walking by I was able to greet them when they were greeting some guests.

And guess what they invited me to come in to their giant one acre plus backyard where there was really a site it was a barbecue clergy with the company barbecuing steaks, sausages and hamburgers.

So this got me thinking after I ate some delicious T-bone steak with coleslaw and potato salad about the possibility of someday running my own BBQ-catering outfit.

Bbq-Catering to the hound dogs and you

Hound dogs love good bbq especially bbq butt and they love dessert in Arizona where it is always hot. Here are two of my hound dogs eating some dessert.


Not the right time for me

Well I decided that this was not the right time for me to start the barbecue-catering company as I was too busy taking care of medical patients in the hospital and was studying for graduate board certification exams.

But I started checking out what would be needed to be a caterer and where I would be getting my restaurant supplies.

But I did become friends with one of the barbecue-catering owners and learned a little bit from him about the business.

picking the right company to do your barbecue-catering

it is basically word-of-mouth getting recommendations from other satisfied customers asking around and getting to sample their menu. What is even better is to go to one of their barbecue-parties and see for yourself what they are doing there.

Do not be shy in asking to be able to attend one of their catering events if you are considering using them and don't know enough about them.

And if you make greatb bbq this is the way of spreading the word among friends and family that you do bbq-parties

Thinking of starting your own bbq-catering company?

If you can bbq and you know what your doing and everyone loves your bbq,this can be a part time or even a full time job for you if you live in a part of the country that loves bbq.

Some parts of the usa think that bbq is a grilled or boiled frank so even in those areas a true bbq place can convert the people who never tasted real smoked ribs.

You are going to have to get the right supplies to do bbq-catering

Besides having the smoker and the grill you will need a few other items besides charcoal,propane and hickory wood. Yes you may even need to buy some dishes forks and spoons depending on the customers you are hired to cook for. One great place to get supplies that my friends who do barbecue-catering love is

Restaurant Quality Supplies to make your bbq catering business grow

Face it you need to have some essential supplies and get them at the lowest cost fast. Here is one of the companies my friends are using. Up To 50% Off Restaurant Supplies & Equipment at!

Getting glass bottles or any bottles for your catering-business

The place to get your bottles is thru ebottles,which carries any bottle a bbq business might need. I suggest your try them out. I have ordered bottles thru them before.

Legal Forms for your bbq catering business-yes you need them

We all want to bbq and hate to deal with legal matters and licensing. here are some good companies I use for my legal needs

Rocket Lawyer allows you to try the forms

Do you need Jars?

there is a great site for glass Jars on the internet called the JarStore

make sure you have a license from the Department of Health

In most places today in order to serve food company needs to be licensed by the Department of health in that location. Many of the workers need to have a food worker certificate that shows that they handle food safely.

The last thing you need is to give food poisoning to your customers and have your guests sick also. So before you start your company,you need to get a license and you and your workers need a food handlers certificate.

the owner shows you their certificates from the Department of Health when you hire someone to cater your party also.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

To see if this bbq-catering company is listed with the Better Business Bureau. It's easy to find the number online or in the telephone book. You can call them up and see what the rating is and that there has been any complaints with that company. I do that with most businesses I deal with.

this will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

you will also want to list with the better business bureau if you are coonsidering doing a barbecue-catering. This is what customers like to check if you are listed.

Barbecue-catering outfit get everything in writing

if you are going to use the company let them give you a bid in writing about what they're going to provide at the barbecue-party. this is especially important if you are selecting several companies and trying to decide who to choose for your BBQ-catering.

Call several companies and get bids from everyone

let them compete for your business it's natural. She who gives you the best price from companies that your friends have recommended.

Get your contract from the owner in writing

if they are a quality outfit the barbecue-catering company will give you a contract on what they are going to provide.

for your barbecue-catering party here are some ideas to make it a success

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