Barbecue-cookoffs is a national pastime. There are regional differences when it comes to the types of barbecue we prepare here in the good old USA.The more you look the more you realize that the USA is a nation that is obsessed with great barbecue. I think there is no other food type that has the following that barbecue has. When you see all the competition teams and contests .

The great names these teams have you realize that barbecue is something special. It is something that just grows on you,I know it is an obsession with me. I am so proud to be an American because I know we make the greatest barbecue. We have all kinds of sauces and all kinds of recipes.

If you are new to barbecue-cookoffs let me tell you about some of the differences in the types of foods you will encounter depending on the region of the usa. In the south barbecue is mainly related to pork barbecue consisting of barbecue ribs andSouth pulled pork. There is also smoked chickens and turkey but the emphasis is on pork which grows well in the southern USA.

When it comes to barbecue-sauce in the South it's mainly a tomato based sauce either sweet or spicy that may have more sugar or more vinegar. And there is a specialty in the Carolinas of the mustard based barbecue sauce which is very delicious and goes well with pigs and poultry.

As we had to the Southwest ,and the Midwest Barbecue the barbecue-cookoff takes on a new animal called the beef cattle. Especially in Texas ,barbecue centers on the great American beef cow.

Here the main center of attention is the brisket of beef who can make it spicier and moister then the other. The wood used to smoke is mainly hickory and also there is mesquite. People have the loyalty to pit masters the way people have loyalty to a sports team. After brisket,the Southwest look to beef ribs for inspiration . The rubs are again rich in pepper and chili and garlic and onion borrowing some from with mexican recipes.

There is nothing to me finer then sitting in the barbecue triangle of Texas and eating ribs and brisket. I would rather do this any day then fly to Europe for a vacation.

As we head west and south the barbecue-cookoffs gets hotter with the addition of more chili peppers. We will have a discussion on chilies on the next page its important for a beginner in barbecue to understand chilies and to taste some great chili dishes.

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