barbecue-grill-cover is important for protecting your grill

Many people when buying a grill or a smoker do not invest in a barbecue-grill-cover. This is a big mistake especially if you leave your grill outside most of the year if you grill year round.

A bbq-grill-cover is to a grill the way a garage is to a car. A garage protects the car from the elements-rain,snow ,hail,ice and sun. Yes the sun can be damaging to the paint of a grill or smoker also especially if you live in a warm climate with plenty of sunshine.

How does a barbeque-grill-cover protect the grill. Well with rain or snow it prevents the rain from causing the nuts and bolts to start rusting especially if the grills nuts are not made of stainless steel.

And you know that any oil protecting these nuts will eventually dry out especially if left in the sun and also washed out by and and snow. Now hear in Arizona the sun beats down strongly on everything and heats everything causing rubber to warp and dry up. It eventually destroys plastics which are today part of grills.

There are two answers to protecting your smokers and grills especially if you are grilling and cooking most of the year,you can bring you grill or smoker into the garage or house which is many times impractible. or you can buy a barbecue-grill-cover to protect your investment

How to buy a barbecue-grill-cover

Most manufactures of grills produce a barbecue-grill-cover to be purchased as an accessory to the grill. My recommendation is to buy it now and use it right away.

If its custom made for that particular grill it will fit exactly and that is a good thing.

On the other hand there may be universal covers that are cheaper and will do the job but you may need to use some robe to tie them securely around the grill.

It is important to secure the cover tightly around the grill and close the access to it,you do not want to find your grill becoming home to a colony of bees or wasps which happens from time to time in the news.

barbecue-grill-cover for genisis propane grill

Here is the grill-cover for all genesis grills. It will protect your grill from the elements and the next enemy of grills-bird and bat droppings which will eat thru the paint on the grill just like they do on cars.

Also important is to keep wild critters from using your grill or smoker as a second home. There is never a year gone by here in Arizona where there is a story about a colony of bes taking up residence in a poorly covered or uncovered grill.

The scenario is the owner decides thery want to grill again and they lift the cover up and find an angry swarm of worker bees or was;s ready to do battle with the owner who promptly runs away and calls 911.

Universal grill cover pvc free good for our environment

This grill cover is free of PVC's which means it is also good for our environment. I have used these covers and they are fine.

Great universal smoker and fryer cover i use with my weber smoker

Its not expensive and it gets the job done that is all that counts. I recommend this cover also.

got your barbecue-grill-cover now get the grill accessories

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