The secret to a great barbecue-hamburger-recipe is to use a meat that is 80% protein and 20% fat. Again you need to buy meat that has a good percentage of fat and the reason for that is that fat tastes good, and it keeps the meat more importantly from drying out.

I usually buy meat that is at least 80% protein and 20% fat.

if you can get your meat fresh from the butcher and have him ground it up for you this will make the hamburger even tastier than being frozen from the grocer.

For great hamburgers on the grill you need to follow the following.

Add some ingredients to the meat before grilling to give it a great taste. What you like to add -its up to you.Experiment around adding ingredients to the ground beef- enjoy what you eat.

I like to mix my hamburger meat prior to cooking with 2 tablespoons of onion powder , and 1 tablespoon of chili powder if you like it spicy. There is nothing else you have to add to have a great hamburger on the grill. most people enjoy the taste of onions in their hamburgers so we can add onion powder to the ground beef before we cook it and mix it up. I have included a spicy barbecue-hamburger-recipe below

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how to make a great hamburger on the grill

When making your hamburger patties you should not make them too thick, 1 inch in thickness is enough.

the number 1 reason to not make thick patties is that you want your meat to be well done. This is very important because of the bacteria that can make you sick if you eat undercooked meat especially the E. coli bacteria which can be deadly.

when your grill is heated up place your patties on the grill and let them cook for 5 minutes. on one side, and then turn them over to the other side and continue cooking for another 2 or 3 min. then it will be time to check the internal temperature with a food thermometer.

I recommend cooking and using a meat thermometer to check that the internal temperature of the hamburger is over 160°F. it is not enough to look at the insides of a hamburger even if it is brown inside. The only way to be safe is to use the food thermometer.

You need to place the thermometer probe into the deepest part of the hamburger and check the temperature in several places. if it's over fits 160°f and everything is good and you can safely eat hamburger now you can shut off the grill, and if you want a cheeseburger you can place some American cheese on top of the hamburger so it will melt.

Take your hamburger of the grill and let it rest a little so that the juices inside will redistribute because when you heated the hamburger patty up the juices headed up to the top of the hamburger.

Barbecue-hamburger-recipe what to add to the burger

Now that you hamburgers are ready to eat it is time to add some sweet onions I like the sweet red onions or vidalia onions cut up on top of the hamburger.

instead of using catsup how about using something thick-try some barbecue sauce after all its a barbecued hamburger.

also had some garlicky dill pickles sliced to the top of your hamburger and stick everything into one nice hamburger bun..

So If you're ready to try something exotic to this barbecue-hamburger-recipe I recommend you to try to sprinkle some curry powder to the barbecue sauce and see how you like it. I think you will because this is something I do all the time.

Curry Salsa Burgers a Spicy barbecue-hamburger-recipe

The ingredients

1 1/2 pounds ground beef 80% protein 20% 1/2cups sweet onion chopped 2 tablespoons curry powder 4 tablespoons of salsa 2 tablespoons of barbecue sauce 1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard Hamburger Buns And Sliced up Sweet Onion And Some Garlicky Pickles

mix all the ingredients in a bowl makes four hamburger patties about inch thick place the hamburger patties on the grill set for medium heat If you're using a gas grill. now if you're using a charcoal grill which is what I prefer you can also add some small to the hamburgers. place 1 hickory chip on the hot coals. Remember that the hickory chip should have been soaked in water at least 3 hours before your cooking After 5 min. flip the patties over only one time. check the burgers after around 10 min. with a food thermometer to make sure that the temperature has reached 165°F. Then you know the hamburgers is done.

place some sweet onion slices on top of the burgers, pickles, and instead of Catsup Why Don't You Use Some More Barbecue Sauce Yeah Serve your burgers to your amazed guests who will tell you this is one good burger

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Here is a good website for learning more on hamburgers and here is the link. you can learn here how to make anything hamburger related

Unfortunately that site is still lacking so if you know a good hamburger site please email me on the contact page.

Need to make some barbecue sauce for your barbecue-hamburger-recipe? ? Take a look at my recipe

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