Is your barbecue-restaurant a top-restaurant?

The top-restaurant.Every culture has its own lingo or slang and the world of the barbecue-restaurant is no exception. In this section I will define the terms of barbecue I have come across since being exposed to the bbq-restaurant.

Armed with barbecue-langauge you will be able to impress you barbecue pittmaster (whats a pittmaster?) and also impress your date and people of the bbq belt.

Rules to get good service in a barbecue-restaurant (these rules do not apply in manhattan New York City or the northeast)

Please dress down when you are visiting a top-restaurant. This is not a place to dress to impress. You are going here to relax and get away from the ratrace.


1.leave your tie back in the Northeast or in the hotel room

2.Buy some Levis jeans blue-and get some jean shirts

3.Buy some rattlesnake black boots and learn how to wear boots

4.If you are on the Southwest or Texas it helps to wear a bolo tie or a cowboy hat.

5. Do not enter a Bbq joint wearing a 3 piece shoot with leather black shoes

6.leave the tourist book in the car Pitt-master- The keeper of the eternal flames,the master of moist meat,the wizard who changes the meat into the best tasting meat that you ever ate. The pittmaster is the Chef of the barbecue joint.

If you enjoyed your meal please compliment the Pit master-ask his name and personally thank him-he will remember you when you return and save the Burnt Edges for you!

Burnt Edges-This is the fatty crusty pieces of barbecued Brisker that I love and most people love who are on Atkins. They are crispy crusty fat and skin barbecued smoked pieces of heaven.

When in a barbecue-restaurant always ask for a plate of burnt edges-the Bbq joint will recognized that you are a bbq expert.

Hot Guts-this is spicy sausage that is characteristic of the Barbecue Triangle part of Texas. This is the holy site of barbecue pilgrims-the barbecue triangle-more below

Barbecue Triangle-ever heard of the Bermuda triangle? Well people in Texas head to the barbecue triangle with Coleman coolers to take home over ice the "hot guts" and plates of burnt edges" The barbecue triangle is an area of old time immigrants many German who have their barbecue pits in the town of Elgin,Lockhart and Taylor

Learn to cook your favorite restaurants recipes

I cook bbq because I know that I can make it better then most bbq joints. The same is with thai food. Then I save money and buy more supplies to cook at home. Here is a book that will let you cook the most delicious recipes of your favorite restaurants in the USA, check it out. get the secret book of favorite recipes in your favorite restaurants

More things you need to know about bbq foods

Pulled Pork-Pulled pork is barbecued pork that is shredded and served with barbecue sauce.

Slaw-Never say cole slaw you will stick out as a New Yorker-please say give me some 'slaw" If you have no idea what cole slaw is then you need to

make some read on Unsweet Ice tea-never order hot tea in a bbq joint this may lead to you be banned from the Bbq-restaurant just like in Seinfeld where he was banned from chinese restaurants.

Ice tea-comes in to styles unsweet and sweet -most of us bbq experts like out tea unsweet.

Ribs-three types baby back,pork and beef

baby back -it's the hummer of ribs-for your city folks its the Mercedes of ribs-baby back is the best-now you have to know how to order

Slab of Ribs-thats how you order-it's a whole side of bbq ribs

1/2 slab of ribs-1/2 a slab never order as you will be back for more!

as I come over more words of barbecue that you need to know when your in a top-restaurant i will add them to this list. if you know anymore please answer below

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