Barbecue-restaurants checklist for selecting the best

BigAl likes to eat well. BigAl is big because he works out with bbq.

Good barbecue-restaurants serve heavy size portions and for takeout that is major weight and strength training!

Bbq-joints reviewed here are guaranteed to make you salivate and come back for more-only the best barbecue-restaurants get on my review list...

What I look for in a barbeque-restaurant?-What You Should look for too!

Bbq-joint-reviews -the Masters Criteria and list of the best bbq-restaurants I have been to recommend and lists. I have over the last 10 years piled up quite a few airplane miles searching for the best bbq-joints in the USA.

My criteria is very simple:

I ask the local working towns folks with pickup trucks,fireman,truck drivers and police for the best barbecue restaurants when I visit a new state or new town on all my trips.

I look for-

1.a crowded parking lot and lots of take out on a friday night or weekend.

2.Lots of police and firetrucks outside during the weekday-the local police and fireman work hard and eat well

3.tractor trailer trucks parked outside the barbecue-restaurant long distance drivers always eat well-my cousin is one and I've always eaten well where he eats

4.smoke and great barbecue smell that you can smell one block away-just follow the smell

5.Giant cups of Ice tea with free refills

6.Big wooden tables with butcher block paper to wrap your take out

7.People coming out with the satisfied grin of a great meal on their face and with BBQ sauce Stains on their face and shirts!

8.Meat by the pound availabe for takeout

9.No Mercedes or BMWS parked in the parking lot valet service

11.self service is a plus

12.The waiter or waitress doesn't offer to grind pepper on my food 13.The staff treat you like their best friend and talk to you and explain bbq stuff they are proud off.

13.Customers are not afraid to use toothpicks at the table or come out with barbecue sauce spilled on their shirts

14.People eat with their fingers and lick their fingers.

15. no one is dressed in cocktail gowns or three piece suits

16.The classy drink is a bud or milkshake not 1921 snobbay wine for 10 dollars a glass

Now for the Hall of Barbecue-restaurants fame list

Bbq-joint-reviews Texas

How to get the best deals at the best restaurants

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Hound dog reviewers eating dessert-We got your back

Here at we secretly review the bbq joints by going in and ordering a meal and we always try to go into the kitchen to see oe clean it is without the permission of the owner. We also check the bsthrooms to make sure they are clean.

Above are two of our hound dog reviewers who are eating some dessert. We also allow Burnt Edges the bbq kitten to participate by tasting fish bbq,


Barbecue-restaurants in Texas

Texas is one of my favorite states. Everything is extra big. The portions of food are huge and the folks are friendly.

I was going thru my web page and saw that my article on texas bbq-restaurants had disappeared.

You don't want to mess with Texas-I just got home and am adding back what was missing.

Dyers bbq amarillo texas

Amarillo Bbq-joint-reviews

This is where the stockyards are you know there is going to be great meat in this town.

Dyers bbq-This place is set in a wood paneled restaurant on a side street .you just need to ask someone "how to get to dyers"-you will not be sorry. President Bush likes this place he has good taste.

get the combination plate-ribs,brisket and sides with sausage

want to know the recipes of your favorite restaurants?

Southern Bbq-Restaurant and Market-Elgin,Texas

Bbq-joint-reviews Austin Just a short drive from Austin east past round rock you come to one of the seven bbq holy sites in Elgin Texas.

This place is heaven on earth for bbq lovers-its combination meat market and restaurant where they serve you in butcher block paper.

Everyone sits on big tables that look like they are from the medieval ages and you all feel good together with your giant cups of ice tea.

Get a great deal where to eat

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Whats your favorite barbecue-restaurants?

Share your story, tip or review about the barbecue-restaurants that you love!

Enter the title of your review for example "Review of my favorite Phoenix Barbecue-restaurant

What Other Visitors Have Said

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My Favorite Houston Barbecue Place 
Hands down, the best barbecue in Houston is Goode Company Barbecue. There are several locations in the Houston area. The one on I-10 west is our favorite. …

Smokin Al's -Massapequa NY Not rated yet
Great babyback ribs and pulled pork!! Great atmosphere for families and large groups.

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The Stateline El Paso Texas one of the Seven BBQ wonders of the World

Bbq-joint-reviews El Paso One of my favorites. I commute between Phoenix and El paso by airline just to go here-people in Texas do not know how lucky they are to have this bbq-restaurant.

This restaurant is one of my favorites, you know El Paso is closer to Phoenix then it is to its own capital of Austin.

This restaurant is located on the border of 2 states I kid you not when you're in the restroom you can walk between New Mexico and Texas.

Get the hot guts,brisket,ribs and the several bbq sauces and pig out!

I could live here for the rest of my life and be happy-

Please tell me about your best restaurants at the botto of the page and when you have visited this holy place.

Barbecue-Restaurants Arizona

Bbq-joint-reviews 1. Joes Real Barbecue in Gilbert Arizona This place is in a brickbuilding that brings you back into the 1920s and their food is great.

They have different sauces some with some real arizona kick-jalepeno sauce


BBQSmokehouse-6929 N Hayden Oct03 found this place by accident Bbq joint in Scottsdale-bbq smokehouse at indian Bend Road and Hayden near mcCormick Ranch in the strip mall on the Southeast Corner. Was there today 0ct12 2003 and this place is great. dont tell anyone-this is North Carolina bbq and Texas brisket and Brunswick stew-made me want to cry! I ate a rack of ribs there had cow slaw and potato salad. Also they have rolls of paper to clean your hands with onions and pickles and hot bbq sauce and mild this place is as close to Texas as you can!! The women is friendly at the counter-5 pigs rating !

Best bbq in Atlanta Georgia Fox Brothers Bbq

Was recently in georgia on 2011 and tried the fox brothers bbq Fox Bros. BBQ 1238 Dekalb Ave Atlanta, Georgia 30307 404-577-4030

good ribs and bbq sides especially macoroni and cheese and okra,their bbq sauce in great. i recommend this place

Barbecue-restaurants kentucky

Bbq-joint-reviews 5.The BBqBarn Outside Danville Kentucky-This place is in a barn and was the first BBQ joint I think I ate at before I got a smoker and decided to defect from the NorthEast to the Southwest for BBQ!

Barbecue-restaurants florida

Bbq-joint-reviews Florida 1.Sonny barbecue in Florida-I've eaten in Orlando and Ocala and Gainsville I wish they were in Phoenix! This is a southern chain that is consistent with great hotlinks and great ribs and cole-slaw

Massachusett bbq

Bbq in Boston

You think that boston is only about clam chowder and beans and seafood well I found a great bbq joint in Newton Massachusetts which is great.

Its called Blue Raibbon BBq and it has been winning awards for years because the really know how to make bbq southern style. If you are in Boston for business check it out. Newton is a suburb of Boston. blue ribbon bbq

After eating in Barbecue-restaurants its time to cook your own

North Carolina BBQ

Asheville NC little pigs bbq

I ate here at little pigs bbq and their pork was great,the sauce and hush puppies and slaw were all delicious

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