Barbecue-salmon a great taste treat on the grill

Barbecue-Salmon is one of my favorite fishes in the world. It is tasty no matter how you prepare but when you grill salmon it is just wonderful. Not to mention its healthy with omega 3 oils that protect your heart.

Why do fish have these oils? its to protect them from the cold water so their blood will not clot? It works the same way in people.

I just love the taste and when you grill salmon it is a very quick process so easy to do. My girlfriend used to love to eat only carne asado tacos and ribs that I barbecued on the smoker but after I started barbecuing salmon she was hooked.

How to barbecue-salmon on the grill

Its very easy to barbecue-salmon on the grill.

You need some olive oil and grated parmesan cheese

Here is what you do. Get some nice salmon fillets-I like them better then salmon steaks from your grocer.

They are delicious one salmon fillet lasts me for three days.

Get the fire going hot on the grill. Go for medium heat around 350degrees .Throw a water soaked piece of alder wood on the fire.

Brush your salmon fillet with olive oil-healthy and tasty.

Place your salmon fillet with the skin down facing the fire and start to grill. Close the lid. After 4 minutes you can turn the fillet over. But it's not necessary-the fish will cook in around another 4 minutes.

In another 3 minutes it should be done you can check the insides make sure it's not a clear red color.

Salmon flesh is pink and clear prior to cooking and will become opaque when done. It is best to test the salmon meat using a thermometer probe just the way you do with ribs. The temperature should be internally 130 with the thermometer probe. It is best to eat this salmon sprinkled with grated Parmasan cheese. Now enjoy!

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I feel sad for all the people who can't grill at home because they don't have a porch-I used to be that way lucky now I live in a house.

When I could not grill at home I used to go out on the weekend with a portable weber grill and go to a public park and have a picnic.

Thats how I got around that.

Let me recommend one great grill from weber that is portable. There is a grill called the Little joey which is a good charcoal grill.

There is also a propane grill that is light and portable that you can take with you to your picnic.

How to barbecue-salmon in a frying pan indoors

If you are unable to get to the park with a portable grill you can Barbecue-salmon in a nonstick frying pan. Here is what you have to do


salmon fillet olive oil Parmesan cheese grated

Play some olive oil in your frying pan and swirl it around so it coach most of the surface of the frying pan. Drizzle some olive oil on top of the salmon.

Put your salmon fillet into the frying pan with the skin side on the frying pan put the stove on medium heat. Place the cover on the frying pan. After 4 minutes flip your fillet over with a spatula. Let it cook another 4 minutes. The salmon flesh should turn from red to opaque. Check the temperature internally it should be around 130 degrees f to be done.

When this is done to take the salmon out of the frying pan and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on the top. That's so simple it is to cook the salmon fillet on the stove.

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