Barbeque-grill review

For me picking the right barbeque-grill has always been a no-brainer if you choose to Weber brand of grill.

What makes the barbecue grill from web are so good. I wish everything in the United States was built the way a Weber grill is put together.

They manufacture quality using only the best steel when you buy a Weber you know it's going to last a lifetime.

How did I find this out? When I was younger and when you're young and not always wise I bought some different brands of grills because they were cheaper. And I learned the expression you get what you pay for.

Within a year those cheaper grills started to rust and it was nothing to do with them except send them to the garbage dump.

That is not true when it comes to Weber products. They are built solid and don't fall apart when you get them delivered there is little you have to do except maybe screw in one handle. That is not true with many other brands so my main point here is that you need to switch to Weber

Here are some of my grills and smokers

Here is a picture from my porch when I was living in an apartment in Phoenix. You can see my Weber- grill and my Weber- smoker and the Weber chimney. There is my Siamese cat supervising the barbecuing. You can see some bags of Kingsford briquettes that are just lying around.

As I said these are the best models to get and you'll never need to buy another grill or smoker if you use Weber and take care of them. Below are my recommendations and you can have them delivered to you within 3 days.

I think it is a waste of time and gas and money to go into stores these days with gasoline prices being so high. It's so much better to buy online and have it delivered to your house. when I am at work I have it delivered in the evening if possible on a Saturday. Sometimes I'll have it delivered to my neighbor.

These days I hardly go to stores to buy things because I can buy basically everything that I need online With the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables.

cat cooking with grill

Weber 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill

I've been using this grill for several years and it's an excellent grill that will last you for a lifetime. You don't need anything else more expensive there is plenty of room for grilling meat and vegetables.

What I like about this grill is the ash container at the bottom which helps keep your hands clean.

this is as perfect as a charcoal grill can get so don't waste any more money and just get this grill you won't regret it.

for you barbeque-grill get the essential accessories

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