Is your significant other having a bbq-affair?

How to tell

Spotting someone having a bbq-affair is relatively easy. there are certain things that give away your significant other is engaged in a barbecue-affair


telltale signs that they are having a bbq-affair

They spend the day and night engaged in smoking and grilling all kinds of meat- barbecued ribs, brisket, butt, and salmon.

You can smell smoke in their house 24 hours a day even a block away you will smell hickory smoke coming up the driveway.

They have a far way look on their eyes and when you ask them what's the reason they say " the ribs will be ready in only 30 min. my dear"

when you ask them if they want to go out for dinner to their favorite non-barbecue restaurant and you're going to pay, they make excuses saying I need to watch the brisket marinating in the refrigerater or" not safe to leave the smoker along"

” the refrigerator is full of brisket,ribs, barbecue sauce and pepper. when you opened the freezer with ribs and turkey and brisket. There is no room for anything else.

your significant other stops to watch their favorite television shows and starts watching videos of barbecuing on U-tube or just start reading barbecue books or both.

in the bathroom instead of the regular magazines and newspapers they are replaced with barbecue catalogs and Barbecue news papers

your significant other stops eating granola for breakfast and instead has for breakfast ribs and brisket with coleslaw and pancakes. The same thing for lunch and the same for dinner.

You know they're having a BBQ affair when in the mail UPS delivers cases of different barbecue sauces from Texas.

You know they're having a barbecue affair when they cancel a vacation to Europe in favor of a road trip to Texas Hill country. I don't blame them I do the same thing.

They enjoy wearing a barbecue apron even though they are not barbecuing.

How to feel better after finding out about the bbq-affair

You will need time to heal from a bbq-affair . But what you can do in the meantime is have some rebound-affair with someone who you check is single and loves bbq as much as you do.

Make sure to take good care of your health when you are recovering from the shock of splitting up from the bbq-affair and make sure you get plenty of sleep!

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Prognosis of the barbecue affair

Once the barbecue-a fair has started the prognosis is very good that they will be barbecuing for life. My advice for the significant other is that they join in barbecuing with their spouse.

if you don't help them barbecue then they may stray away to someone who will barbecue with them.

Grab them back with a sodastream machine

Do you think it sounds strange? Think about what you liked to drink when you were a kid ? What kind of soda flavor did you like? Well what are adults they are big kids -some are spoiled big kids.

Get a sodastream and be able to make your spouse and you your favorite soda drinks and ice cream treats and you will have their affair under control.

And if that doesn't work you will have your favorite soda available whenever you want a drink Get a sodastream save money you and and your spouse hooked to making soda with you

Help the bbq-affair get them a smoker

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