So I was just thinking about what I was going to have for a bbq-breakfast today as it is Sunday and its now 5 am here is Phoenix Arizona.

I have never set down to write down what are my favorite barbecue-breakfasts.

I like so many things including sausage,eggs,pop tarts,waffles and just great barbecue along with my cereal.

Yes I love my cereal in the morning with milk to start the morning then I add some great barbecue sausage.

Usually I will have some Kelloggs with milk I like especially on Sunday morning before I go to church to have some rich krispies and milk with strawberries. Then I grill me some brats or tex-mex jalopeno sausage.

I run out of these many times when I have friends over for my barbecue-breakfast so I also have some baby-back-ribs around for an emergency in the refrigerator.

I like to have a great breakfast everyday but especially on Saturday and Sunday.


I love Kelloggs cereal and am a member of the kelloggs club

I found out about the Kellogg's club from a friend who loves their poptarts and waffles. She told me thay you can get coupons worth a lot of cash to get your poptarts and cereals for a lot less when you join the Kelloggs club.

So I need all my extra money to buy barbecue so I joined and get instant coupons Join and you will not be sorry get some real savings and have extra money to buy your bbq-breakfast

The weather is getting hot its going to be 100 here in Arizona today

Its great because there is no humidity here it sounds so bad but here in the desert especially in the morning its not bad. I like to sit in the yard and enjoy my barbecue-breakfast.

a bbq-breakfast is a good first date for bbqlove

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