Summer is time for a BBQ-party

You know any time of the year is a good time for a barbecue-party. A bbq-party With tasty ribs, chicken, hot dogs, sausage, and great barbecue-sides is an event that people will go to all time of the year even in winter.

As long as you have great food and a great reputation for throwing a great party people will come to you. Now what is the main tips that I can give you for throwing a great party?

I have already told you it's about the food people care about only several things being healthy being able to eat being able to enjoy life and being without stress.

If you can do several of those things for them at the party then you'll be the number 1 party host and make many friends.

I've attended several barbecue-parties where there was nothing to eat and what you think I did I left early with several other of my friends to go get something to eat.

When I came back home I promised I would never go back to that person again.

The same holds true when you attend an event such as a wedding. You come with a very nice gift for the couple and when it's time to sit down and have something to eat they provide you with nothing what's even worse is if they give you a tiny morsel and there are no 2nd helpings.

How do you feel? That's right you feel bad and you leave in a bad mood

Barbecue-party us hound dogs want to eat!

Yes we are all hungry when we go to the bbq-party so make sure you have second helpings of the good stuff. As you can see the hound dogs love to eat some good dessert in the summer Independence-day or memorial-day we want some great grub and plenty of it!

Thats what hound dogs want at the bbq-party!

dog eating watermelon

Never run out of soda make it yourself like I do

For my bbq-party my guests want lots of food and lots of soda diet and regular and natural flavor selzer. I make it quick and easy with sodastream and below is the kit that I own. Now there are over 65 flavors and it is so easy and cheap to do it at home. Buy it online and get free shipping. Want to see me demonstrate this click on the link below sodastream for the barbeue-party

Holding a great BBQ-party tips

Memorial Day is coming independence-day is coming and every weekend is a holiday and you're going to have a barbecue. So how do you prepare for holiday barbecue?

There are several tips that you need to know now so you can plan well and have a successful barbecue-party. These tips apply for every bbq-party.

Number 1 make sure that you have enough food that will give guests a second helping if they want to. There is nothing more frustrating than to be at the barbecue enjoying something and going back for seconds only to be told there is no more food.

If you're going to have a barbecue double up on the food. Instead of buying very expensive foods go for more reasonable tasty fixins that you can afford to include second helpings off.

It's better to have seconds or thirds of bratwurst than to have a small piece of baby back ribs with no seconds helping. Believe me your guests remember what was served and going away hungry.

Number 2 prepare your food the day before you are having the barbecue. It's okay to grill your meats and have everything precooked as long as you refrigerate your food right away after cooking it. The next day life will be a lot easier with you only having to warm up the food.

Make your food the day before

Number 2 prepare your food the day before you are having the barbecue. It's okay to grill your meats and have everything precooked as long as you refrigerate your food right away after cooking it. The next day life will be a lot easier with you only having to warm up the food.

Consider playing music at the party

Number 3 have some Western music playing on the stereo to liven up the party yes that means having some nice country music going to put people into the mood of the barbecue. Make your barbecue party cowboy days and have your guests come dressed Western style in jeans and boots, cowboy hats.

Consider having enough soda drinks the easy cheap way

Number 4 make sure you have diet soda and diet drinks like diet iced tea available for your guests. Today many people who do not have to worry about diabetes like to drink diet products as not to have to take in extra calories in sugar. These are empty calories.

Your guests will be amazed at your ability to make them their favorite soda. check out sodastream Number 5 have some delicious chocolate desserts at the end of the meal. People love chocolate it doesn't matter what kind it is as long as its decadent and classy what comes to mind to me is chocolate cobbler also known as hot-fudge-cake.

You can also have fruit desserts for people who can't eat chocolate because they are watching their calories. But they can certainly taste it. chocolate desserts

Number 6

Number 6 provide doggy bags so that people can take home your delicious food and they can't finish it at the barbecue. This is the way you can score points with your guests.

People like to eat so make sure you have 2nd helpings and provide doggy bags so they can take your delicious food home. they will be thinking about you only good things from the barbecue-party for a long time.

Number 7

Number 7 plan to have some activities for the kids if you're inviting children to your barbecue. Rent a clown or tell or read a story to the kids have some games for them to play while the adults are eating and stuffing their faces.

Number 8

Number 8 use paper plates, forks, spoons, knives. You really don't want to have to wash all those plates forks knifes and spoons right?Get the right supplies now

Number 9

Number 9 invite your neighbors to your barbecue. Even if you have nasty neighbors the best way to get them to be your friends is to invite them to your barbecue when you're having a lot of guests. They will be surprised that you invited them and you will convert enemies into friends.

Number 10

Number 10 check on the weather forecast a few days in advance of your barbecue. If it's going to rain outside you may want to reconsider changing the date the next day or the next weekend because nobody's going to show up for an outside barbecue in bad weather.

Number 11

Number 11 have a singles table for your singles friend so that they can feel comfortable and again tried to mingle with other singles for the hope to find someone to get married and have children. Your single friends will really appreciate you doing this for them.

Number 12

Number 12 when providing foods for your barbecue try to avoid foods that have common allergies for example avoid foods that have peanuts in unless you post the sign next to the food that says it contains peanuts Number 13 If it's Memorial Day or any national holiday make sure you're flying our flag proudly at your barbecue. in fact why not fly the flag at every barbecue-party?

Keep the bugs away

Don't let the flies and mosquitos dominate your bbq party either inside or outside.

This is the ultimate fly swatter but you need to buy the mosquito attractant and the fly sex attractant. Also to help kill them this is the best unit I use at my house and at my yard.

It works and lets me be free to work on cooking bbq rather then hanging out with the fly swatter.

Holding the bbq-party on great furniture

So what are you guests going to sit on at your bbq-party? You need to have some comfortable chairs and tables for them to hang out on.

Well I have been doing bbq-parties out here in Arizona now since 2003 and I have found some great furniture that doubles as both indoor and outdoor furniture for me.

I like to buy my things from Amazon because its is easy and conveinent for me to get my things without having to waste my time and money on gas. They usually have the cheapest prcies on the net. get some great furniture for the bbq-party

I hate spending time in a line when I can be home on the weekend saving money and eating some great cereal and barbecue.

Make sure the bbq-party has enough desserts Go to thebarbecuemaster home page

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