bbq-ribs show-us-your-ribs take off your sauce

There is nothing that looks better to me then a plate of bbq-ribs drenched in bbq sauce with a side one cole slaw ,barbecue beans and potato salad siting there waiting to be eaten.

The aroma of the hickory wood fills the air and my stomach grumbles for more-so show-us-your-ribs,I want to see and taste your best bbq dish. Everyone has a favorite but when it comes to bbq the favorite dish of the favorites are ribs smoked long and moist over some hickory or mesquite wood.

Even vegetarians have been caught breaking into the security apparatus when someone was smoking-ribs just to get half a rack of cold ribs. You know that barbeque-ribs are on of those dishes that are outstanding heated or cold.

I know because I used to go on raids in the middle of the night to my kitchen to have a rib snack after waking up with a rib attack!

Here are some ribs I smoked up

I smoked ribs for 8 hours on my Weber smoker with water and Dr.Pepper in the water pan. Man is this good drowned in barbecue sauce


vegetarians oh you can't have bbq-ribs here is something you can grill

Show-us-your-ribs tell us your story

I've come clean you know how I feel .Your invited to show-us-your-ribs here and tell us about your ribs story,If you can't upload the ribs picture just tell us your love story about ribs we will imagine the picture.We understand.

And don't forget to tell ud about the sauce is it tangy with vinegar or hot with peppers or sweet with sugar or honey. Its okay if you cant make up your mind because I always get all the sauces available.

Hey have you ever got up in the middle of the night to just drink some sauce out of the bottle when no one is around-dont tell anyone but yes I did it last night. Did you? So now its time to show us your barbecue-ribs!

You most tell us your thoughts about bbq-ribs ?

Do you have a great story,picture,experience or feelings about bbq-ribs ? Share it!

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