Bbq-shrimp What a wonderful addition to your menu

Bbq-shrimp is one of my favorite foods .Even thou we live here in the desert it is possible for me to get great shrimp here from three sources in Arizona. We can go to Mexico only two hours a way from the border and a short drive to Rocky Point where shrimp are blue from the tropical waters of the Sea of Cortez which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean.

I like to go there to chill out when I an stressed out from too much work. The drive goes thru some of the most desolate and amazing scenery in the world,you see the drive from Arizona on route 85 to rocky point goes thru a volcanic desert.

Its a straight shot on the highway and the only traffic is other cars from Arizona going to and from the beach and Mexican Army trucks with soldiers who wave at you s they protect their border.

Where I also get Barbecue-shrimp

I also get bbq-shrimp from the big discount stores where i buy extra large shrimp that are frozen. Then the third place to get shrimp is from a shrimp farm here in Arizona.

My idol Marilyn Monroe loved bbq-shrimp

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Everyone who has ever had bbq-shrimp always come back for seconds.I'm talking about cooking the shrimp out on the grill.

In Arizona we row our own shrimp out in the desert the way people farm salmon you can get wild or farm raised salmon the same with shrimp.

Also we are close to the Sea of Cortez where we get wild shrimp from the Pacific and when I go down to Rocky Poinr you need to see the size of the shrimp cocktails that are served the this Mexican town on the pacific. Served with limes that you squeeze they are just wonderful

Getting back to grilling shrimp when i'm down in Rocky point I buy the blue shrimp fresh from the fisherman .The shrimp from the Sea of Cortez are bluish-grey in color when fresh. I pack them in an ice cooler for the trip back to phoenix. That was how we used to get fresh shrimp in Arizona before they started growing shrimp in the desert.

How to barbecue-shrimp

I need to grill fresh shrimp in order to be happy. I've always loved the taste of fresh shrimp.But grilling shrimp making bbq-shrimp you have to be careful you don't over grill or your shrimp will dry out and taste like paper.

With fresh shrimp you can either devine them take out their guts which looks like a vein in the middle with a pairing knife its very easy to do once you get the hang of it Have someone help you its quick. Or you can leave the vein in there and just grill the shrimp. I prefer to take the vein out.

For grilling the shrimp you will need a medium fire on the grill, if the shrimp are large enough you can place them with tongs on the grates.

If not then you can use skewers so they don't fall into the fire. I like to use wet wooden skewers that have been soaking in water for an hour before you grill them. But if they are large enough i just grill them on the grill and turn them over with tongs.

how to clean a shrimp

As far as I'm concerned if i'm short of time i'll leave the vein in,otherwise here is a video on deveining shrimp

When are the bbq-shrimp done?

Raw fresh shrimp are grey in color and the flesh is a translucent grey. on the grill it should take no more then 5-6 minutes to cook your shrimp with medium heat,you will see the flesh turn an opaque white and pink color and then its ready to eat. After 3 minutes on one side you need to turn then over by 5 minutes they should be done. Take a shrimp off the grill at 5 minutes and cut it in half the insides should be all white then you know its done.

Barbecue flavor bbq-shrimp recipe

what you need

2 pounds or 1 pound if your all alone of raw shrimp barbecue sauce your choice olive oil half a cup lime juice from one lime plastic mixing bowel

grill at medium heat at 375 degrees f

Mix in bowel shrimp,barbecue sauce,oil oil and squeeze juice of one lime and marinade for 20 minutes.lime juice is an acid and will start cooking the shrimp the way we cook fish with lime juice so 15 minutes is even enough time to marinate the shrimp in.

Transfer shrimp to grill with tongs or skewers

Grill your shrimp turn over with tongs at 3 minutes it should be cooked by 5 minutes take off the grill and serve with salsa.

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