BBQ-TEST Are you a Bbq Person

Check if you are compatible with friends,lovers over a plate of ribs. Take the test

Check if you are compatible with friends,lovers over a plate of ribs. Take the test

The following BBQ-test is designed to test your BBQ personality IQ Are you compatible over a plate of baby back ribs? Will you grow old smoking ribs with your partner? Will your children grow up to be pitmasters?

Please answer this test as honesty as you can. Get out a piece of butcher block paper and a number #2 pencil and get ready:

1.When I wake up in the morning my first or second thought is:

A.I can't wait to eat that BBQ!

B.I wonder if the opera music arrived in the mail?

2.You are on a business trip and are in a new town for two days. You meet with the company President who recommends a great French Restaurant for lunch. Your response:

A.No Slimy french snails for me-Do you know a place with BBQ?

B.Great-I love scared french snails in a wine sauce!

3.You are out on a third date when your date recommends lets go to her/his place for a nightcap and maybe more. You take a wrong turn and see the sign for a new BBQ joint. The smell of hickory smoke with ribs and hot sauce fills the air. You:

A.Slam on the brakes say goodnight and get in line to order-brisket burned edges,half a slab of ribs and ice tea not sweet!

B.You slam on the gas and ask whats her/his address again?

4.When dreaming at night your dreams focus on:

A.owning a Bbq joint after winning the lottery

B.writing thank you notes for the fruit cake you received

5.When eating at an imitation meat vegetarian restaurant you ask the waiter for

A.a side dish of burnt edges and some hot guts

B.complement him for the soggy cardboard taste of the imitation meat

6.When planning your next vacation you

A.Ask your honey which part of Texas haven't we visited yet? How can we drive to all 400 bbq joints in two weeks dear?

B.plan an expedition to watch the migration of the river leech to the north pole

7.When planning you're wedding your fiancee asks which hall should we have our reception at dear? You respond:

A.Big Als BB-he has the best ribs in town!

B.Le Garbage Chauteax-they give you tiny chocolate mints and have great waltz music!

8.When I am depressed I find help thru

A.A plate of smoked pulled pork and cole slaw never fails to cheer me up!

B. I call Dr.meow meow meow!

9.An appropriate gift to bring to a house warming party:

A.a full slab of pork ribs,2 pounds burnt edges,and 3 pounds of slaw

B.a fruit cake and imitation mystery meat

10.My ideal partner in life:

A.considers the local bbq joint a national treasure eyesore

11.When I mention hot sauce:

A.You think of vinegar based or tomato based,jalepeno or habenero! think of ketchup being too spicy

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