You know what bbqlove is? Besides the love of smoked meat and moist ribs and spicy brisket there is something else... What? Well there is companionship love and marriage --you're kidding no I'm serious..

Women have a secret..-Cooking a way into a mans heart... Guys well women say-the answer to a mans heart is through his stomach. Well, it works the same way for man also-if a man can grill well and introduce a women to great bbq-its easier to fall in love.

You can hook a great lady by mastering the smoking of the meat that you love to eat.

Yes It does work if you can cook the fire of smoke then you can have barbecue love...

When I review the list of girlfriends I have had in my life-there is a common denominator in what attracted them to me.

Besides being handsome and nice I could cook barbecue and cook. Now they could not cook barbecue, but they definitely could eat the entire slab of ribs-love at first bite!

It was bbqlove......

Barbecue-love balanced out my negatives-being a slob,spilling barbecue-sauce on my clothes,etc.

I just thought about this and had to share my thoughts with a page on romance thru delicious meat and fish and veggies that are smoked.

Burnt-Edges the bbq-kitten gives tips on dating and barbecue love

She is no ordinary kitten she has been around to see me date several women over the last year and has decided which ones are good for me and whom I should let go like in the song from Cake.

Well Jasmina is the Bbq cat and Burnt edges is a savvy Bbq kitten.

I love Marilyn Monroe the sexy Goddess

Marily Monroe is one of my Idols . I was once married to a dead ringer for the lovely Angelina Jolie and my wife sounded when she talked like Marilyn Monroe. I was blessed with bbqlove.

jasmina the-bbq-kitten-picture looking up from her blanket

BBQ love tips for guys my wisdom on dating

dogs eating watermelon

1.Make sure you have a clean bathroom and toilet paper and clean towels.

2.Have clean paper plates and forks and paper napkins

3.Women love fresh flowers. With the bbq ribs give her a red

rose-just one is enough.

4.Try to eat the side dishes with a fork while your date is here-of course if she eats everything with her hands first it's okay to do this also.

In general you should only eat with your hands when you're alone. Don't wipe your hands on your clothes use a napkin. A napkin is made of paper but some hilly billies do have cloth napkins.

5.Women like to have those fancy coffee things like cappuccinos or expressos with some whipped cream on top. Even I enjoy a fancy coffee drink with Bbq just don't tell my kinfolks in Kentucky-they want me to drink whiskey.

Its enough to have coffee and offer some whipped cream on top of the coffee-also have some chocolate-white chocolate will impress a woman .

6. Keep the hound dogs in the backyard or in the barn when you're date arrives. She will not like to have the hound dogs jumping all over her. The same goes for her car when she drives up to your house.

Don't let your 10 dogs be jumping all over her car. This happened to one of my dates several years back then she would not go out with me again/ Scatter some dog treats in the backyard so they head over their if she drives up alone.

7.Get a soda maker from soda stream it gets me love and my dates always come back home because I have 25 different flavors of soda which is what my girlfriends love. Want bbqlove guys? get the sodastream

Learning what women want in a man

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Its hard to figure women out even when you take a shower lift the toilet seat down and wear clean clothes.

Even when you stop burping after you eat bbq ribs they are unpredictable. Here is a book that helped me figure them out.Maybe it can help you.

I dont know how to figure these women with fancy tastes who do pillates until I made love to them. But that will be coming out in my book if you want to leave me your email and info I will let you know when the book comes out.

I do not give out emails to anyone except to my bbq kitten to review the data.


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learn the secrets of what women want in a man

Tips for women

Men are easy to please. If you can give them some good barbecue then you'll have them eating out of your hand.

as long as there are plenty of ribs,beer and a tv for

football you will be great host and date.

Men do not like to wash their hands or clean up. If you

want to impress don't make him clean up on the first bbq date

at your place. Give the guy some baby wipes and treat him like a baby. Wait till after the third time he comes over so you can make him clean up. If he will not listen on the third date let him go.

Let him beg like a sick coyote before you answer him. If he agrees to clean up consider over a week letting him back if you like him . At the same time play the field.

Do it slowly . If you can cook them some ribs then they'll listen to you. If you dont want to cook ribs there is a secret love that guys like good soda and ice cream floats Guys are like little kids they like to be pampered. Several of my friends complained about their boyfriends not paying attention to them. I told them to get the sodastream soda machine and that would have a great effect on their boyfriend.

Even thou the guy is 20 or 50 he really is a spoiled 10 year old in reality. He likes to be pampered with things from his childhood.

Make him an ice crean float with a 2 tablespoons of ice cream into a glass of sodastream soda and he will be very happy. And you will enjoy having your own flavors also.

Take a look now. This helped my friend Adriana get engaged. Get a sodastream now order one you will thank me

Women dont let any men get you down

Keep your self esteem by enjoying life. If a man is no good and you feel like eating chocolate go right ahead by getting the chocolate that lets you lose weight-you can walk it off in 7 minutes. So when your depressed pick the right chocolate brownies.

I am very serious about getting these low calorie real chocolate brownies they make life alot more pleasant because you are aware that chocolate is an antidepressant and increases dopamine the feel good drug in your brain (yes I am a physician) who loves to write funny stuff.

For women how to keep a man


Women you know that men are cranky and always looking for another woman. Learn some more secrets on how to snag him for life with the following book. My book is being written as we speak. women learn how to keep a man

The right bathing suit for the bbq-party

you need to look good at the pool. get the right bathing suits now

Keep your hair looking great at the bbq party-get the chi

The women who know use this to straighten their hair this is what my girlfriend uses,excuse me several girlfriends use it so maybe you should also . they are all head turners when they use this secret device

Please leave me some input say hi where your from your age thank you

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your sodastream machine changed my life Not rated yet
so i was dating this guy for several month who i really liked but he wasnt really into me,he was seeing some other girls also. I read your article here …

Bbqlove really works thank you bigval Not rated yet
Hi I broke up ith a jerk who liked to eatcspammand junk food. Your site helped me a lot by letting me BBQ and grill

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You need BBQ-romance

Have you learned about doing bbqlove? Now that you understand you can learn about the bbq-romance that is possible using smoking,barbecue sauce and ribs. It will change your life.

Don't you think it's time for you to settle down and raise the barbecue family? Just think how much easier your smoking barbecuing will be when you have an army of sons and daughters to watch the smoker and load the meat and the wood while your drinking your lemonade.

Find a date for your next bbq party

If you want to attract a date at a bbq-party the best way is to come with a date,human nature the girls always run after the guy with the girl at his side. Is it fair? no but that's how it is.

Find a date at perfect match.

barbecue-romance is possible with bbqlove

So you singles out there it's time to get a good smoker and a good grill and learn how to use it

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