Beef-ribs have been put in the back seat for too long as compared to pork-ribs. There was a time when I thought that the only great ribs were pork-ribs and they had to be baby-back-ribs.

This was because I had never been exposed in my young years to the great way of cooking ribs which I was first exposed to on my roadtrip to the holy of holies in the bbq worls-Texas hill country .

This is also known as the Barbecue Triangle and area that is bordered by three Towns- Lockhart,Elgin and Taylor Texas . In this area bbq is king and the air is saturated with the smoke of bbq cooking in hickory. Okay there may be some pecan and cherry and apple smoke out there.

And this is the state where Beef is king. Beef-ribs is what we talk about when we talk about ribs around here.

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Texas knows beef-ribs

Do you know why texas knows beef-ribs? Well the main livestock raised in texas is the cattle cow not the milk cow. Yes there sre pigs in texas especially in areas north of Amarillo,but the cattle cow is the main reason for beef-ribs being so popular in the barbecue triangle.

I used to go alot to Amarillo and I know the area well. If you ever get there try the barbecue at dyers bbq and visit the Big Texan where if you eat everything in a bet they have and survive without going to the hospital the meal is free.

Well I was in Amarillo because I was going to get a job at the hospital and the Univerisity of Texas. My girlfriend at the time had taken a job at a pig raising farm in the north of amarillo.

So I was able to check out the beef on the beef-ribs.


Beef-ribs are deliciuos in Texas smoked and are served with bbq sauce,pickles sweet vidalia onions and a Big Red soda or in my case Dr diet pepper. You know the original Dr.Pepper plant is still working in Waco an you can get the original formula in glass bottles.

Now I like to spin yarns and lets go back to beef-ribs. Yes this is the way ribs are done in texas. They are smoked in hickory and before that happens they are covered with pepper and a rub.

Yes I love to go over to Texas and drive thru austin east waving to the cattle on the side of the road until I hit Elgin .

Then I had over to the Southern Market and get a plate of ribs and sit down at the big wooden tables and use the butcher paper and drink my big red and eat withh my hands!

smoking beef-ribs

Its the sane as smoking pork ribs just check the temperature to see when its ready. Smoke the ribs with hickory which to me is the best wood for beef ribs. Serve your beef ribs with cole slaw and potatoe salad and drench it in barbecue sauce that you made.
beef-ribs are best smoked in the weber-smoker

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