Best-cat-litter-box is the Catgenie a great cat toilet

If you love your cat and kitten keep them healthy with the best-cat-litter-box


The best-cat-litter-box is not a litter box at all-it is a programmable cat-toilet. So you think this is a crazy idea well I assure you its not-I owned the first model. That was back in 2001.

The Catgenie has come along way and is now very high tech with an electric sensor that knows when the cat is in the litter box and really knows when the cat leaves.

When the cat leaves after 10 minutes has passes it will send a sanitize solution mixed with water to clean the litter and urine,feces and drains it out the same pipes used by your toilet or washing machine for waste water. What's also great is the cat litter granules are reusable,they are made of a special plastic and look like cat litter to the cat who does her thing with no problem in the-best-litter-box.

Here it is The best Invention in the history of the Pet Cat & Pet owner

The worst thing about having a cat as a pet is the daily battle to clean the cat-litter-box,no matter how you try to clean it the clay just gets hard the feces and urins stink the box up to the point that you throw it out ad start over with a new cat-litter-box within a few months.

What has this to do with barbecue my friends? I used to get sick from the smell of my cat-litter-box. So sick that I wanted to vomit and throw up any meal I had Yes that includes bbq.

I could not eat several years ago and was losing weight,I told this to my doctor who told me about the first Catgenie. He saved my life and my love for my cat.

This machine is high tech now ad if I tell you my reputation on the internet is everything to me -if you are a cat owner buy this now and hook it to your toilet or washing machine drain pipe.

The only people who can not use this are people who live in an apartment with the old fashioned toilet that works on pressure. Then you would have to ask your landlord if you could use the washing machine in your aparment-then you could use this wonderful toilet


Sanitizer Solution 120 Fresh scent package of 3

I love the smell of the fresh scent sanitizer solution which you just insert into the top of the cat genie, When the cat toilet is set to Cat mode the liquid will last very long time-in fact with my my siamese cat I replaced on solution after 4 months.

What a pleasure the CatGenie is not having to have that awful smell coming out of the old clay itter boxes.

I tried eveyknown cat litter and cat litter box and the CatGenie is the best-csat-litter-box in the world!

3-pack Washable Granules

This is the maintenance cleaner

You use this once every three months to keep the best-cat-litter-box from getting clogged up,this keeps everything clean-the water sensor. There is nothing to guess about i have been using this new model for years with great results!

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