Best-fathers-day-bbq-gifts is coming up. Here is the gifts that father will be very happy to get.

These gifts are good for fathers-day or dad's birthday if he is a bbq lover. And they dont have to be expensive as I am going to show you but they need to be unique.

I was thinking what I would like to get my dad for his fathers-day if he had been alive. Unfortunately my father passed away around 22 years ago and I did not have the opportunity that you are lucky to show your dad.

fathers-day is where barbecue is one of the gifts you can give to your father for fathers day or his birthday. You can smoke him some ribs.

Keep dad healthy

This is a great threadmill that you can use to walk indoors while working on the computer or watching a show, Its great for dad and you to keep the weight off,don't just stay on a chair laying with the computer.

You can do everything while walking at a leisurly pace,this will keep dad and you healthy.

I am using my threadmill right now as I write this article standing.

After your doctor tells you you are cleared to walk on a threadmill go order this right now below-don't even think about moving on-this will keep dad and you healthy.

Stop being a chair and couch potato!

Best coffee Machine make great espresso

this is the best espresso machine . you dont need to spend a thousand dollars with is great machine. All you need are small cups to place underneath the machine

Best phone package this is the phone I use

this is the best deal in a simple phone where you want to keep the cost down . I looked into this for two weeks before I bought it for myself-i will post a picture later.

You get for $94 dollars 1200 minutes for a year and this LG phone is good. I have had it since february2012.

Tracfone is the largest cell provider in the Usa-Most people don't know that and they use the cell connections of all the major providers for the best signal.

When you need more minutes you buy online or call tracfone customer support and say you buy 500 minutes with triple for life you get 1500 additional minutes for a year.

The phone can access the internet and text message and i was still getting some text messages from whoever had the cell phone number before me. I called the number and told them to stop wasting their money that I was a new number.

The only think i do not like about this phone is the back cover is made of plastic but then so many things today are made of plastic. the phone has a built in camera which is okay and even a video camera but it is low quality if you take i indoor pictures.

I bought this camera for one reason 94dollars divided by 12 months gives me great savings 100/12=around 8 dollars a month for cell phone service.

Its important to not let your minutes completely expire -i still have 1000 minutes left for this year. Tracfone occasionally send s you a special deal to get cheaper minutes if you need them.

I highly recommend this phone. Do not let any negative reviews on Amazon scare you-its probably the competition trying to stop you from getting a great phone plan that's cheap and affordable if all you need is to talk.

Best mobile hotspot to access the internet when outside

This is the best deal and its cheaper on Amazon then buying it from virgin mobile website-i use this for trading stocks or text messaging when outside. use thr tractphone to make calls

Steak is always a great gift for dad


Get him the best computer in the world

I have been using the Apple computer since 1987 and if your dad is not computer savvy he will love apple it is so easy to use. There is a reason schools love to have this computer in the classroom.

My friends children all live this computer and do their homework and surf the net and they are 8 and 1o years old.

The apple has come along way since 1987 and has never let me down-never worrying about viruses and great Performance on the internet ,making movies and editing pictures.

My videos and pictures with my watermark on this website I did with the Mac book pro build in Hd camera .

Get this computer and you will hardly ever worry about viruses and backup your files is so easy with the time capsule. Just get the apple support and for three years you are covered,apple support is great!

When I had a problem with wi-fi they stayed with me for over an hour when I was disconnected on my cordless phone they called me back-the cheap computer is not enough its when you have questions that's important!

The best notebook for dad

I am typing this report on this exact notebook as we speak-the Mac Pro. It is the best notebook in the world,bar none. Do not waste your money on any windows notebook.

This is the Mercedes of notebooks. Make sure you get the Apple Care 3 year support plan and for the next three years you will have complete piece of mind.

If you are going to do video publish or picture publishing I recommend getting another 8gb of RAM memory from Crucible. If you don't know how to do it you can go to the apple store in your town and they will; install it for a fee.

Get the easiest best backup and wifi unit the time capsule from Apple

Phantom Alert GPS High tech gift for dad

Its simple. Drivers love what Phantom Alert offers. It's not just about avoiding costly traffic tickets, it's also about safety for Dad.

Through GPS and smartphone technology we are helping Dads become safe and alert. In short we help drivers avoid costly traffic tickets by helping them obey traffic laws.

Who could be against that? Phantom Alert users are less likely to speed, run red lights and every time they get an alert they focus their attention back to driving.

As a result there are now have over 45 Police Departments and media endorsing Phantom ALERT as a safety tool.

GPS unit from Garmin for the Phantam Alert

Dad will really love you for getting him the combo PhantomAlert and the GPS unit. Its nice to know where all the speed traps are in Phoenix which is over 300 square miles long these days just like Los Angeles.

And this is a legal product. High tech if dad is into gadgets he will love this as a gift,and protect him from speed traps and hazards on the road.

Seiko solar watch go green

Let dad know what time it is without ever having to change batteries or wind a spring with this sun powered watch. Seiko makes great watches this was a gift for my birthday.

I love gadgets that work on solar power!

Ex officio nomad pants Best pants in the world

Dad will love these most comfortable pants for the weekend or traveling. I wear these pants exclusively the most comfortable pants you can get.

They breath well and are so comfortable you don't know that you are wearing clothes. I kid you not. This is the only brand I wear these days.

They are tough and strong and if you travel you can wash them in the sink-you and your dad wil love them.

Give dad the best comfortable shoes in the world Ecco

When i worked as an intern I was on my feet all the time/-and my feet hurt . There was another doctor in the emergency room who told me about ecco shoes which are the best- i have only been wearing them since 1987.

If you don't believe me get a pair and get the one below it is the best. It will fit right away and you will never want to take them off. These shoes last and give a lot of support if you have lousy feet.

Personal all metal fan

I am using this fan right now to cool me and to cool my labtop,its fully metal not the lousy plastic fans that you are associated with made in china.

Now this is the first product I ever had that was made in China that was high quality besides my Apple lab top.

Make Dad smile with a great toothbrush and save $30dollars

Dad will be happy for fathers-day with this toothbrush which is the one i use. The best cleaning instrument to prevent cavities and root canal.

I tell you you do not want root canal so get a toothbrush for you also. this is one great fathers-day-gift.

Shop Amazon - Father's Day Gifts

Shitake mushroom kit a great fathers-day-gift

Does dad like to cook with mushrooms like me well they are really expensive you know one shitake mushroom is 4 dollars and i am growing 10 of them on this log.

These mushrooms are wonderful as they have a smoky flavor that's great with barbecue. All you need to do is water it three times a day with natural unchlorinated water-just boil a cup of water for 10 minutes.

Get dad best-best-of-bbq gear for fathers day

best-fathers-day-bbq-gifts see best of bbq

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