best-of-bbq for the regular guy like me

for this decade I have talked long and hard about the best-of-bbq products and here's the top 10 list for 2012. This list will probably be good for another 10 years because nobody comes close when it comes to price and quality.

Here is a quick list of essential best-of-BBQ products you need to have a great barbecue this summer. The best place to buy your equipment is thru Amazon. you know why? you don't have to stay in lines,waste gas trying to get there and Amazon has the cheapest prices-believe me I check things out. I have been buying thru Amazon my things for years.

sure go ahead and spend a lot of money if you want

if you are rich and want to waste your money go ahead. But if you want to be practical and get the stuff that you really need to have a great barbecue here is the list below.

My best-of-bbq list is what you really need,don't listen to the fancy bbq experts on the commercial sites-they are all getting paid by sponsors to promote the equipment. No one is sponsoring me except by cat and hound dogs.

Make sure you get the gloves and the apron to protect your clothes and your hands. This is the best-of-BBQ essential tools. Also don't waste your money on fancy barbecue tools that will just sit in the case. The barbecue tools below are what you really need.

Rocky mountain smoker

If you know me already and have read some of the webpages you know how I feel about this charcoal smoker. Once you have it going you will basically have to work hard to make bad ribs or brisket.

It operates on its own with some monitoring from you. you need to keep the temperature at 225 and its easy to do just read my other pages in this smoker.

The only bad thing about this smoker that I can think of is that your local barbecue joint is going to lose you as a customer because you will be making higher-quality ribs. the weber-smoker

Buy it now from Amazon thank me later

Amazon again-I am going to make you a convert! has the lowest prices most of the time and when you consider how much you save when you don't waste money on gas or have to deal with crowds it is worth more to be an amazon customer.

Also if you enroll in the prime program then all your stuff that Amazon has will come to you in 2 business days. As a prime customer you can get overnight delivery for 4 dollars. This is during the week not on weekends.

Also as a prime member you can watch streaming videos of the latest movies for free. This is a great deal. Why is wonderful is sometimes I'll order something late in the day,instead of receiving it in 2 days I get it the next day what its the latest movies with John Wayne? give up its the Shootist with Lauren Bacall. Am I right?

Weber gold one touch charcoal grill- best-grills

The most bang for your money for a back yard charcoal grill. Thats why this is on my best-of-bbq list.

Why Spend more it works great-I have the same one for years. This grill really does everything well for a low price.

Some of the best-of-bbq gear at my house

Jasmine the bbq cat is hard at work with the weber-smoker and weber-grill some of the bbq-best-products i have. See the chimmney? Its on the list!


Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker with Window and RF Controller

I never thought I would recommend an electric smoker but this one has changed my mind about how to smoke ribs and be even lazier without having to use a remote thermometer with a charcoal smoker.

This Masterbuilt electric smoker comes with a remote controller that lets you stay in the house and know the temperature inside where the meat is cooking.

Whats great if you are really lazy or busy and don't want to use charcoal you can just turn this smoker into the electric outlet and forget about it. Remember this is for outside use in dry weather.

Whats great it really works you set it for the number of hours you want to smoke the food and the temperature you want to smoke it and that's it! It will hold a 12 pound turkey and lots of ribs.

It has a side window for putting extra wood chops in so you don't have to lose heat. I recommend this unit for anyone who is lazy or just wants to do something else while smoking ribs-i am using this unit now and its very convenient.

Monitor your bbq,smoker and hound dogs from inside

dogs wating bbq

Make sure who is stealing the ribs from the smoker or grill while your inside the house-is it the neighbor? or is it Cousin It? or is it the hound dogs. I use the Vue network to monitor everything around the house,besides checkin the temperature-this is very easy to set up and use

Weber go anywhere propane grill.

This is one great all-around grill perfect for the home and for camping and tailgating. The only problem with this drill that I can think of is that you're going to make your friends jealous because they spent thousands of dollars for a fancy gas grill and you make better hamburgers, hot dogs,and steaks then they do.

Weber go anywhere charcoal grill

This is the cousin of the web go anywhere propane grill that works on charcoal. For me charcoal grilled meats just taste a lot better so I would just get this grill.

I understand there are people that don't want to deal with charcoal or its ashes so they will go with the above model. You can't go bad with either model for the price.

It's amazing that Weber continues to produce 2 straight grill for such a low price and has such a following furnace wonderful best-of-bbq product.

Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Propane Gas Grill

so you want the fancy grill that works on propane? Well I'm not going to let you spend a lot of money for things you don't need. spend the money on T-bone steaks and and ribeye steaks that you are going to grill on this great propane grill.

This is as fancy as you need to make a lot of grilled food at the same time using propane.

the fancy propane grill i recommend

so you want to show off that you have a great grill that is still reasonably priced and not spend over $1000? will here is the propane grill for you.

One of my friends has this grill and I was fortunate enough to be able to use it several times and I found a liking to this grill.

It actually looks very good and the assembly is quick and easy as most of this grill already assembled

Weber chimney the right way to start the fire for your grill

This is the best way to heat up your charcoal and is important because you avoid using lighter fluid and lighter fluid briquettes.

This is a best-of-bbq product for many reasons-it is solid and does the work without the need of charcoal fluid which always makes the meat taste bitter.If you've never tasted pure charcoal meats without the charcoal lighter fluid you are in for a treat.

Stay away from lighter fluid in your food ,it will taste so much better. This is so easy to use just put a little paper under the chimney and light it with a match. In 5 min. or less you will have briquettes on fire the easy way.

Maverick instant read thermometer.

This is one of the new additions to the best-off-bbq products due to the unreliability of previous models. This has become an essential item in any serious barbecue, for somebody who is smoking meat and doesn't want to stay at the smoker when there are more important things to do-like drinking a beer and watching a movie.

Unfortunately the reliability of all of these thermometers is still not where it should be. From the whole bunch this is the one that I have used that seems to work best.

When they were they really are very convenient. But they may die on you and then you have to return and get the new one that's the only precaution to take with these thermometers

Best-of-bbq gloves

You need to protect your hands when cooking.This is more important than you think you don't want to burn your hands and so easy to do so get yourself a pair of grilling gloves and wear them. here is my pick for best-of-BBQ gloves. I never understood the sense of having one mitt? what about the other hand?

Barbecue tools

It's better to have a few good tools then a whole bunch of cheaper tools from you know where. I used to think that if I got the whole set that looked so nice and cost less I was getting a bargain.

But the quote you get what you pay for holds true today as well. You really need several tools to handle a barbecue and grill and here are the good tools you need

Got the best-of-BBQ now get grilling with some good tips

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