So why write about British-bbq in the USA. Because our cousins in England are just as crazy about grilling as we are. I know this is a fact from having traveled in Great Britain where every house seems to have a grill Also from the fact that despite the weather British Bbqers will try to grill in the rain with their "barbi." Apparetly that is the British term for grills in England. When you think of British food here in the USA you think of fish and chips and crumpets,tea and now you must think bbq.

The British do have a real great cuisine that is up and coming its called British-BBq.

This website is extremely popular in England. I want to welcome all you British and Irish bbq fans to my website. Please feel free to post in the comments section on most pages closer to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom is where I always try to add a video of the some funny or interesting event goes bad.

Yes the Brits love to grill sausage,ribs,and hamburgers as much as we do here in the good old Usa.

I was last in Great Britain in 1985 I don't care to travel by plane these days very far except to Mexico and prefer to stay in my beloved Arizona where there are a lot of British tourists. I met some recently down in Ajo Arizona while I was staying at a bed in breakfast for one night.

These Brits were on their way to visit organ Pipe National Park which has a very interesting cactus that looks like an organ Pipe if you didn't guess it.

Organ Pipe has the dubious title of being the most dangerous National Park in the USA because it sits on the border with Mexico and many trafficers in all kinds of things seem to like to go thru this park.

I go thru this park all the time and have never had any problems probably because I go their in the daytime. I still carry my pump shotgun and glock pistol with me besides borrowing my cousins German sheperd dog or bringig my hound dogs. when I'm down there hiking or when i go hunting.

You need to carry a weapon in the desert because its part of the Arizona mentality on protecting yourself and being in an isolated area and we do have some nasty mountain lions that have in recent years decided to try to eat us. They recently attacked a child in a tent at night.

Not to mention the bears who seem to wonder down from northern Arizona into the desert.

People from other countries and states sometimes have difficulty understanding this but I suggest you watch some wild west movies that go along with bbq that include John Wayne or Clint Eastwood and you will understand that when it comes down to it you need to be able to protect yourself.

Don't be surprised if you go to a grocery late at night in Phoenix to see a pretty woman cowgirl packing a 45 caliber pistol on her hip in the open. That is normal in the southwest USA.


Britain has an active British-bbq-Society and National bbq week in May

I have checked out the british-bbq scene and it appears that they are actively increasing contests and awareness of bbq as a national pastime. I fact they have a whole week planned to have in May a national bbq week .

They also have an active British-bbq-society to promote bbq interests in Great Britain ith a great forum. So the Uk-bbq scene seems to be having more contests and cookoffs.

British-BBq-Society-forum Excellent forum with wonderful members

I enjoy reading and talking to my friends in the Britain. They are an excellent friendly group of barbecuers just like here in the United States. the british-bbq-society-forum

Its a competition Bbq in the United Kingdom as they have various contest cookouts. What of my favorite is a surprise grill where the contestants are given one mystery ingredient and are told to take 5 more ingredients and come up with a great recipe and grill it on the spot.

Ladygaga loves the meat dress

Fame by Lady Gaga

Going to a british-bbq you need to learn the slang

here are a few vocabulary words for us yankees to learn the next time we get invited to a barbecue in great Britain.

Understand that the grub at the barbie will be bangers with a pint and watch out for the trots!

don't understand look at the vocabulary below bangers- sausages

barbie-the barbecue to yankee

chips- french fries with mayonnaise

grub- food that you eat in a pub

jar- means a pint of beer

munch- food

nosh- food

trots- an upset stomach go get some ginger tea

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greetings from guildford england Not rated yet
very nice website helping me to grill very good descriptions

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British-bbq video people are just like me weather doesnt stop them

Hope you enjoyed the video He is exactly like me

No matter what the weather I do not stop to barbecue on my barbie.

Whether it be rain or snow or the temperature falls down to 0 centigrade with the wind howling when I lived in New York State which is close to Canada and cold I would bbq no matter what.

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British-bbq likes to cook ribs like us but don't cook to much brisket

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