your butt or mine?

I bet you think I am funny. Well I am especially when it comes to talking about a butt or otherwise known as the pork shoulder. i have made my witch ex mother-in-law frightened of me when she came over once for dinner and asked what was for dinner.

I told her it was going to be barbecue pig. When she was eating and enjoying the meal she asked again what kind of neat this was and I told her its a pigs behind. She almost threw up and gagged on the pulled pork sandwich

We are not insulting your behind here, and we are not talking about a pig's behind-no its a different cut of meat and how to barbecue the shoulder.

I like this part of pork drenched in bbq sauce on a nice wheat bun. By the way our butts in people are the muscle from the gluteus maximus that's the name of the muscle in our behinds.

This word has many meanings including a complement sometimes when a woman has a nice derriere-that's french for a pig butt. Most of these pig parts are barbecued slowly to make pulled pork.

This is most commonly cooked in the southeast United States particular popular in North and South Carolina 2 beautiful states of the USA. You need to try the barbecue in these states and mot mention anything about brisket

I try to buy a fresh pork shoulder but if i cant and get it frozen its a pain in the you know where to get it to defrost. you nesd approximately 24 hours to thaw 5 pounds of frozen butt. This is always done u the refrigerator you always do this in the refrigerator. Never defrost anything left sitting out or you could get food poisoning.

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Pulled Pork up close

Lady gaga talk about pulled pork and bbq and butt

gaga being interviewed in Nebraska doing a shoot in cornfield and talks to local radio about attending a bbq and eating pulled-pork or better known as butt!

She says in interview she will do anything for a pulled pork sandwich.

The butt of the pig refers to a different area on the big hog ,its not its behind. The butt refers to the shoulder area meat of Mr.Swine and is used for pulled pork.

The best place to get this cut of meat is from your local butcher try to make him your friend so he gives you good cuts of meat. I have invited my butcher over for some bbq here in Arizona and he always gives me a good piece of porky pig.

You know where the most pigs in the us are raised? Yes its in the Carolinas that;s one reason pulled pig is such a delicacy in this region of the USA

My hound dogs eating watermelon after eating pork-shoulder

My dogs love smoked pulled-pork,here they are having some dessert,they think they are hound dogs but i tell them they are just dogs. My cat doesnt hang out with them she stays inside when i give her some butt.

what to do with your butt

This cut of hog is relatively cheap as a food because it takes some effort to cook it.It contains bone and hard connective tissue which soften up during the cooking process in the smoker best at a temperature of 225 degrees or around that.

Prior to cooking I like to place a rub on my pig and coat it all over. usally I will leave the but for at leat 3-4 hours coated with the rub prior to cooking. Some people like to inject various sauces or marinades unto the inner meat of the shoulder meat.

When you cook in the smoker it will come out great if you do it low and long-low temp around 225 and long it takes approximately one hour per pound of pork shoulder.

i like to smoke with a few water logged pieces of hickory wood. When is the butt done?

When you reach a temperature above 160 but you should aim to cook around 200 to make the meat soft and then you will be able to pull the meat of easily to make-- so called pulled-pork. You can rip off pieces using a knife and a fork and then add some bbq sauce or just serve it without sauce letting people put their favorite sauce on. My favorite bbq sauce is vinegar based tomato with hardly any sugar but lots of black pepper and chili powder such to give it a tangy hot flavor flavor.

I just love to drench bbq sauce on pulled-pork sandwiches it has such a great taste. it goes well with two bbq sides of cole slaw and potato salad. Make sure you include a nice dessert such as peach or apple cobbler for the end of the meal.

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Make sure you are cooking your hog on a deluxe smoker like i do-you want your pulled-pork to be happy. its sad that so much of the world doesn't eat pork they just don't know what they are missing.

The butt most be smoked right!

What are you going to serve with the pulled-pork

I love my pork so much and often have a hard time to think what to serve with my pork-shoulder so what i do is just toss a coin in the air and pick a side,well sometimes i just have two good sides. I always have slaw as a side and then either potato salad or make bbq beans are always good choices.

Some friends think of the bbq sauce as a side because they drench the pulled pork in it but to me a side needs to be solid. You need to put your fork into the side and pick it up. A nice bbq sauce always seems to drip down my chin and shirt.

But I dont care it is the best way to eat your butt!


Dessert with pork always has to include chocolate and I like to make a root beer float so I use my sodastream machine so I dont have to go to the grocery and lug more soda cans home check out the soda maker

the right smoker for your pulled-pork

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