Yes Cananda-barbecue is alive and well.When i lived in New york State I used to travel up to canada on the New York State Turnpike all the time,I loved to go to Niagra falls and the Andirondack mountains so I used to head up to Montreal many times.

I used to visit some of my friends in Toronto and Ottawa and in the summer everyone is outside barbecueing. And in the winter no one is deterred by the snow just like me they kept the coals going

People in canada love to barbecue. Canadian-barbecue has become so popular since the 1950s that google announced in 2011 that that country those the most searches on how to barbecue chicken then anyone else in the world.

It is similar to barbecue in the united states in that the barbeccue and grill the same meats-chicken,hamburgers,ribs and pork.

The differences lies in the province of quebec where the people have more influence on there cooking from french influences and use different kinds of cooking methods such as the meat braising and cajun style cooking which employs onions,bell peppers and celery in everything cajun. Of course hot sauce is part of the tradition here.

Canandian barbecue is also influenced by the immigrants who came to canada from europe and shis-kebabs and gyro meat is very popular on the grill which is similar to sharwma.

But Canadian barbecue goes back thousands of years to the time of the original indians who lived there who like the hunters today in Canada stalked wild game and then barbecued them in pits in the ground using wood. Today the modern hunters in Canada still catch wild game and grill them using charcoal or smoke the poultry and cuts of meat

There is the Canadian Barbecue Association

Canada-barbecue has their own barbecue association which has their own forum for people who love their bbq to post their messages on. I recently joined the forum where I like to interact with other bbq lovers of the world. take a look here the forum is located at

canandian-barbecue is interesting so is british bbq

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