Before I moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1999 I had never heard of Chili-rellonos which is one of my favorite foods in the world. if you love barbecue you most likely are going to love Chil-rellonos.

There are many variations of Chile-rellonos but they all share a common structure. They are stuffed peppers and they are usually stuffed with cheese and the pepper is then fried in an egg batter.

I started eating Chile regain us thanks to my girlfriend who work with them in this fast food Mexican drive through in downtown Phoenix. At 1st they were very spicy to me but as I adjusted to them I became addicted to them. My usual quick drive-through meal would consist of a Connie Asada burrito with two chili-rellonos and other large drink of horchata. if it was really hot in Phoenix say 110┬░F then I would get the jamaica drink to cool me off. Also don't forget that you want cheese on your chile-rellonos so when the drive-through cook asks you" con queso"- with cheese your answer should always be "Si" yes!

chili-rellonos-on plate

Down in Puerto Penasco

I had my 1st really different Chile-rellonos when I went down for the 1st time to Rocky point in Mexico which is the closest beach to Phoenix Arizona a drive of approximately 4 hours from Phoenix except the way my girlfriend drives we would get there in 3 hours because once we hit Mexico she would step on the accelerator and drive around 90 miles an hour.

The reason you can drive 90 miles an hour on the road to Puerto Penasco is because it is a straight line with hardly any traffic When we would go. It is in the middle of the Sonoran desert but that is distinct because there is a lot of lava formations from extinct volcanoes.

In fact some astronauts for Nasa have practiced here for landing on the moon.

So when we got the 1st time to Rocky point there is a really good Mexican restaurant right on the beach when you come into town and they have really great seafood and special Chile-rellonos. what makes them so special you may ask?

Because this is a seafood restaurant the chiles are stuffed with shrimp and with cheese then they are batter fried in egg and then they are wrapped in bacon. And this is not just some typical bacon from the United States this is a very very thick bacon in fact 2 pieces of bacon make a good meal themselve.

So whenever I hit Rocky point also called Puerto Penasco I goes straight to this restaurant and get to Chile-rellonos. and the shrimp cocktail they give you is something to behold. When you order a small shrimp cocktail it comes in this giant margarita glass and it's full of spicy salsa with hundreds of these tiny shrimp.

you know they have special shrimp of Puerto Penasco. This shrimp here are blue in color from the sea of Cortez which is an outlet of the Pacific Ocean. Now that I digressrd and told you a little story let's get back to making some Chile-rellonos

Recipes for Chili-rellonos


It's not hard at all. the ingredients you will need are as follows:

four large poblano peppers or if you want no head try large sweet red peppers or green peppers

Mexican cheese

one quarter pound of diced cooked shrimp- can be left out and just stuffed with cheese

3 eggs

olive oil for frying

2 tablespoons flour

if you want to splurge you can add bacon

How to cook Chile-rellonos

They are very easy-what you are going to do next

Roast Your peppers on the grill to soften them up let them blister and get slightly black. Take them off the grill and opened them up with a knife and take out the seeds.

fill your pepper with your favorite chunk of Mexican cheese and if you want to add some cooked shrimp or meat. use wet toothpicks to keep the chili together

In the bowl crank 2 eggs and separate raid the yoke from the egg whites whisk 2 egg whites and add flour for the batter.

Take your chili and coat it in flour then dip it in the batter Then fry it up in your nonstick skillet with olive oil until both sides are golden brown

Learn to make our jamaica to drink with chili-rellonos

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