Chili-sauce-review I am writing this again I m a little upset because I started writing this at 2am today and had written two good paragraphs then the internet hiccuped and my work was lost before I could save it.

I believe this has something to do with the summer moon that was up in the sky last night. So back to the chili-sauce-review. I have always loved hot-sauce and have put it on eggs and meats and have substituted it for ketchup on just about everything.

Now chili-sauce is special and I like the sauce that is a little sweet but still has some spicy tang but not where it kicks you in the mouth and you can't taste what you poured it on.

Where have I found this beautiful type of sauce. My favorites come from the land of smiles also known as Thailand.

I fell in love with Thailand back in the 1980s when I visited there for the first time. People there know how to enjoy themselves and eating good spicy hot food is enjoyed by all.

I have gone back many times since then and enjoy all the great foods especially the noodle dishes and curries and the hot sauces. My favorite are the chili-sauces many of which are used for dipping in various foods.

My favorite sauces were introduced to this farang(foreigner in thai) by various Thai friends I have met on my travels thru Thailand. I love the hill country in Thailand near Chiang-Mai and love the beaches. Even with all the urban sprawl Bangkok remains an adventure for me.

Review of sweet-chili-sauces

I love the sweet-chili-sauce from Thailand and I have a few favorites that we will talk about. They all contain sugar and I like to cook.

But I enjoy the convienence of having a good sauce or paste available to cut down on the amount of time spend doing things in my life and 24 hours is just not enough time-so if a good sauce is available I will use it.

My favorite sauces are thick except for Shark-Brand which is not thick. When you pour the bottle over and nothing comes out-this is the case with my favorite thai-chili-sauces.

There are some exceptions to this and we will discuss them below.

My favorite brands of Thai-sauce is Mae-Pranom and Shark-brand . This brand has been around for many years and Thai people introduced it to me when I was in Thailand many years ago.

My favorites? Well its hard to decide they are all so delicious and I use them on everything

Shark-Brand Sriracha Chili-Sauce

I cant get enough of this delicious sauce from Thailand and thats the truth. My chili-sauce-review would be incomplete without talking about this thai-chili-sauce.

You can buy it from Amazon thru the biggest market in Thailand but buy 2 and the shipper will take 3 dollars of the shipping which makes this a good deal compared to the other vendors listed on Amazon. Always check the shipping box on the right side to see what shipping costs. This vendor takes of 3 dollars if you buy two from the shipping charge straight from thailand. Note that it will take around 16 days to get to the continental usa. It may be better to just but it from one of the other merchants listed here.

Now this is a delicious sauce and packs some heat. There are two kinds medium and hot I wish they made this in a larger bottle.

Mae-Pranom sweet-Chili-sauce

When you want to talk about delicious and thick this is what describes these sauces which are so thick when you open the bottle-which is sometimes hard to do-its sealed tight and sometimes I have to get a friend with an iron grip to open it(that's the exception). Or I run it under the hot water in the sink and open with a towel-almost always works.

Its well worth opening as when you try to pour it in the beginning nothing comes out that's how thick it is. But the taste is wonderful when you finally get the chili-sauce out.

I use this sauce on everything including bbq instead of bbq sauce and I use various brands of mae-ploy sauce on just everything I eat with great results. I can not get enough of these chili-sauces and am always running out of them. This chili-sauce-review will now look at several types I love. You have to knock the bottle upside down multiple times in the beginning to get the sauce out-I have never seen such a thick wonderful tasting sauce! Another way to get it out is with a spoon.

Great Mae-Pranom Chili Paste

This is a great paste to put in soup and also to smear on your cooked BBQ ribs or any meat. It's delicious and gives the meat an exotic spicy hot taste.

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i used to be stationed in Thailand so i got to remembering the great sauces they had there when i read your stuff here. Anyway you got me to buy the …

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Mae-Ploy sauce another great Thai-sweet-chili-sauce

This is another good brand from Thailand. Try it! If you know another good sauce for the chili-sauce-review leave a comment upstairs on this page.

the chili-sauce-review sauces go well with lamb-chops try it!
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