Chiminea a great outdoor fireplace and bug repeller

Chiminea is a Mexican-outdoor-fireplace that is basically used in the United States for decoration and keeping away bugs in my opinion. Here in Arizona they are common decoration in the backyard. It looks nice but it's very hard to try to cook anything with this outdoor firepit.

History of the chiminea

sahuro catus in desert

Around 300 years ago they were used in Mexico for for both giving heat and cooking food especially baking tortillas. There are different kinds of them,they are made of old clay and also of metal.

If you go to buy one get the metal kind because when it rains the clay ones are going to crack especially if it rains a lot where you live.

If you live in the Southwest United States where it only rains during the monsoon season then you can get the clay ones. The monsoon season in the southwest is when it rains cats and dogs usually in the summer from July thru September.

The downpours are so quick that entire areas can be flooded making the travel in dry waterbeds dangerous. This is called the arroyos,in Arizona and Mexico.

In my opinion the chiminea is something to use for decoration in your backyard and leave the grilling and barbecue to your smoker and grill.

If you like the clay-chiminea keep it inside your house for decoration unless you live in a very dry climate like I do. Clay chimineas are not practical however because they fall apart very easily.

These outdoor fireplaces can be used to burn wood especially piñon wood to repel mosquitoes when you're outside in the summer. That's what I use it for, and piñon wood has a really nice smell. Pinon is a natural bug repellent and I like it better than having to use chemicals on my body

They can be used to provide outside heat on a cold night. They look good in your backyard and you can also put one inside your living room for decoration.

You should never use a clay-chiminea or metal-chiminea indoors because it's dangerous. It's only purpose inside the house is for decoration.

What to look for in buying a mexican-outdoor-fireplace

Deciding on what mexican-outdoor-fireplace to buy is not hard. The best ones overall are made of copper and copper is one of the principle mining exports here in Arizona.

Over the last several years copper has gotten more expensive but when it comes to chimineas this metal is the best for buying a chiminea.

Copper is mined mainly in southern Arizona close to the town of Ajo Arizona where there is a giant outdoor pit. This mine has been closed for many years due to cheaper copper being produced in other countries.

Copper has been used for hundreds of years to make high quality cookware because it conducts heat very well.

Copper as we know is also used to conduct electricity in electrical wires.

After copper your next best bet in construction of a Mexican-outdoor-fireplace the next best fireplace is the ones built of aluminum.

You need to check to make sure that they are really made of aluminum and not just part aluminum.

I fell in love with the design of these clay-chimineas

You know when I was dating my girlfriend who lived in Ajo Arizona half of her relatives lived on the other side of the border in Sonora Mexico.

I used to go down frequently with her to her ranch where she grew garlic and all kinds of vegetables. Its interesting that Ajo means in Spanish several things-garlic and also reddish earth which corresponds to the copper rich region in this part of Arizona.

Well when we used to go down to her ranch every house had a clay chiminea in the yard. I loved the design and decided to get several for our home in Phoenix.

Some favorite chimineas to consider purchasing

Here are the two mexican-outdoor-fireplaces that I have in my backyard they are high quality made and look good. When it rains you should take it in the house or garage so it doesn't rust.

Yes even here in Arizona things can rust its rare because we have low humidity. If you live where it rains more then 12 days a year and have real humidity then you should bring it in the garage when it rains.

I love my mexican-outdoor-fireplaces and during the winter when the cold desert nights are here we roast marshmellow's and popcorn with our chimineas and outdoor fireplaces.

A Very well made Chiminea

This outdoor-firepit is a very well made mexican-outdoor-fireplace. It is solidly built. You should not leave it out in the rain however because when I left it out in the rain while staying in Flagstaff Arizona where it rains the whole year it started to rust!.

I am used to the weather in Phoenix where it doesn't rain to much if it rains 21 days in the year that's a lot. I am used to leaving metal out because the low humidity doesn't promote rust here.

But you have a different situation in Flagstaff which is 7000 feet high and here it rains over 70 inches a year . This is part of the the San Fransico range of mountains.

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learn about weber-grills and leave the chiminea for decoration ..

Their uses in Mexico

These outdoor-mexican-fireplaces are still used in Mexico to cook food using wood for the heat. They give up a lot of heat because of the big opening in the front that draws in a lot of oxygen.

So if you want something nice to decorate for your backyard consider buying one.

Safety with outdoor fireplaces

Because of the extreme heat that the chiminea generates you should always wear insulated grill mitts on your hands when starting the fire. Be very csreful when being close to the fire.

Invest in a good fire extinguisher you know i can't spell for the life of me but I defintiely am good in math.

Keep your kids and pets away from the fire pit. This is the best fire extinguisher I use keep one for use in the kitchen one upstairs near your bedrooms and one near the fireplace and finally one in the garage.

Are you single? impress your date with a outdoor-mexican-fireplace in the yard

its romantic to have a fire in the yard at night and going to sit next to this fireplace... Sit in the yard near one and you two will get more romantic as you cuddle and see the stars in the sky... Do you believe this? I did but then I also knew that love comes thru food quicker.

So what should you do? Well you should order a chiminea and get a weber smoker here and then you can charm your date from two sides-you will overwhelm him or her with delicious barbecue and your beautiful outdoor-fireplace.

And for dessert you can serve her popcorn and marshmellows just like when you were kids. You both will be happy because you have both reverted back to your childhood. singles can achieve love thru a nice chiminea in their yard with great bbq for dinner

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