chipolte-peppers smokey jalopenos that a barbecuer will like

Chipolte-peppers are a favorite of mine. They are smoked jalapeños and are very delicious when combined with meat dishes. They are part of the cuisine of Sonora Mexico where I travel extensively. Sonora is the province of Mexico that is closest to Arizona it borders Arizona.

I was eating jalapeños for many years prior to moving to Arizona. But I started eating this smoked pepper when I moved to Arizona and started dating a Mexican American woman. I probably would have never known about Chipolte-peppers had it not been for her.

We went down to Sonora to the border town of Sonoita I remember back in 1998. We went to the open market where they're selling vegetables, and fruits. There I saw how people smoke jalapenos in a metal container that spins around and that's when I got interested in smoking peppers. So on the grill I started smoking my jalapeño peppers and when we went down to Port Penasco which is a Mexican town located on the Sea of Cortez we stopped in the Mexican restaurant where I had my dish of chipolte-peppers with meat.

Well this spicy smoked jalapeño is just down my alley as a lover of barbecue so I started making some chipolte dishes at home with my girlfriend.

It's interesting to note how these peppers are made. They are actually smoked for several days until they have no more moisture,then they are ready to be used in cooking.

They still have a lot of heat so you have to go slow with peppers if you have never had them before. My recommendation is to go very slow and taste just a tiny piece of jalapeño pepper with bread if you have never eaten a pepper before. Your body needs to get used to the heat and even a mild pepper like a jalopeno is hot for someone who never ate hot peppers.

Some people will not tolerate hot peppers and they shouldn't eat them. But for people who can't tolerate jalapeno peppers and enjoy them you should try thechipolte-pepper.

How to use chipolte-peppers

The chipolte-pepper comes in a can in adobo sauce which is a tomato based sauce . This is the most convinient way to use these smoky peppers.The sauce has a great smoky flavor and you can add both the peppers and the sauce to my salsa recipes in order to give it a smokey deep flavor - Online grocery shopping store for Authentic Mexican food, cooking recipes and culture.

chipolte-peppers go well in salsa

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