chocolate-and-bbq does this go together? It sure does chocolate that wonderful food and dessert has been going together in one way or another with barbecue since it was invented by the Mayan indians hundered of years ago.

Apparently according to my readings chocolate was discovered by the Mexican Indian tribe the Mayas who considered chocolate to be a food fit for the gods and their rulers.

The Mayans on first meeting of the white Spanish explorers thought they were gods and offered them chocolate and mole type meats-barbacoa and the Spanairds brought chocolate to the rest of the world as they searched for gold

The Mayans were credited with inventing chocolate and using it to make various sauces such as mole which is a very complex mixture of ingredients which continues today to be a cornerstone of Mexican cooking.

The used chocolate in beverages and drinks and in the beginning it was only the food for the emperors. Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean which grows in warm climates.Some people like to use the carob bean to simulate chocolate but its no comparison.

My favorite chocolate product

I am addicted to chocolate but if your like me when you eat enough chocolate you get chocolatate sugar hihi!. But I crave chocolate and i need something with chocolate everyday

Health benefits of chocolate

I was able after searching the internet to find a chocolate-and-bbq company that lets me eat chocolate and not gain weight,its hard to believe but its true.

chocolate cake with summer beachball palm three

chocolate is food to the gods-health benefits

Yes chocolate-and-bbq are truly foods of the gods. Cocoa-powder and bbq go well together in sauces and desserts and of course the mole. What is more striking today is that we know that chocolate has very positive effects on our body .

Chocolate is very good for you. It is an antioxidant that protects your body from aging. And it tastes…… very good or delicious and you can't believe when you leave it that it is good for you.

But we are lucky in the fact that we have this research and we have choices when we eat our chocolate to either have it dark or light vanilla chocolate or chocolate chocolate the best job in for your help is the darkest chocolate you can buy.

But regular dark chocolate is good also and you can use it in many different mixtures such as a drink made from cocoa using cocoa powder in such as brownies and chocolate cake and of course hotfudge cake a what's the woods we discussed on the other page.

It is an antioxidant and promotes good chemical release in our brain mainly dopamine which is our pleasure chemical in the brain when we are happy


Chocolate bbq chicken recipe

The recipe is very easy in that you take your favorite bbq sauce and add cocoa-powder around 2 tablespoons to one cup of your favorite bbq sauce.

Grill or smoke your chiken the way you usually do ,or follow my pages on how to grill or smoke a chicken or turkey and then add the barbecue sauce covered on the chicken before serving to your guests.

I like to use the best chocolate to cook with here is the

chocholate cake

Chocolate-and-bbq my recommendations

There are many manufactures of fine chocolate and cocoa powder out there and one of my favorite recipes uses chocolate in the form of cocoa-powder to make some great mole type chicken and chocolate based barbecue sauce.

Mole is very complicated to make as we discussed above its better to buy it made.

There are various types of chocolate out there to enjoy. One of my favorite manufacturers out there is one company that makes the who have been manufacturing chocholate and cocoa powder for years .

You can have chocolate and walk the calories of in 7 minutes

If you are looking at this page and saying that you cant eat anything here because you have to lose weight or you have diabetes thats not true.

If you limit yourself to one vitalicious cake or muffin like I do a day you will be satisfied-no cheating okay i have eaten one more but these days I eat only one.

What helps me is that you keep the frozen because they have no preservatives-so you eat them slowly like you would ice cream its great and it has real chocolate morsels! click on the link here and order on line you will have it in 2 days like i did! chocolate-and-bbq deserves the best soda

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