cooking-sausage on the grill

I am addicted to cooking-sausage and of course eating them. I especially like the sausages from Texas-smokehouses. The smoked hickory cheese sausage you know the ones from Texas that are also called hot guts that come especially from Texas hill country area.

They are the royalty of american sausage big one quarter pound of sausage bursting with flavor that are good for you. They are filled with good meat and spices that have a zing to them especially the jalopeno cheese sausage.

No one can just eat one you need to eat two and have a side with it like cole slaw and sweet onions and of course some barbecue sauce. When you cut one open you see yellow chunks of goodness smoked cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese or bits of jalopeno.

You need to get me away from the other ones as I am liable to easily eat a whole pound of these delicious hot links.

The recipes below are for cooked and uncooked thawed sausage. If your sausage is frozen let it thaw in the refrigerator which means usually one day.

Sausage cooking with brisket on plate

Cooking-sausage on the charcoal grill

You need to fire up the charcoal on the grill until they are red hot-use the chimney to heat the coals. Spread the charcoals on the bottom of the grill. the rack should be approximately eight inches above the coals.

Never prick the sausage casing as all the juicy fat will burn up on the coals causing smoking and drying out the sausage where it will not be edible

Take your sausage with tongs and spread them out on the grill. cook them on the grill for 25 minutes turning them to allow each side to become brown, check the internal temperature at end if 160degrees f its done.

Cooking-sausage indoors in a frying pan

If it's snowing outside and you are stuck indoors for several months I suggest you move to the Southwest. And I am serious we need good people out here who love good bbq and sausage.

In the meantime we can cook the sausage in a skillet by adding a quarter cup of water to a teflon pan,heating it up on a medium flame and placing the sausage in there and heating it up covered for around 10 minutes.

You are basically steam cooking the sausage. You'll need to do this several times to get in right and you will learn how to cook-sausage right. Check the insides of the sausage with an instasnt read thermometer.

I'll tell you something in the beginning I was against steaming sausages or boiling them in some water and the stove but after getting them to come out moist and plump I think it's not a bad way to prepare sausages.

This method is really good for sausages that the ready cooked and have been frozen. Take your frozen cooked sausage and let the floor in the refrigerator. If you boil it in water for around 10 min. sausage comes out very good.

I do this with cooked bratwurst sausage especially if I'm not in the mood to grill for example when it's late at night and all a want is a snack. after cooking-sausage eat it with a delicious side of cole-slaw

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Cooking-sausage that is precooked

The good news is that many of these wonderful sausage are already cooked in the smokehouse and all you need to do is to thaw them out . Then warm them over the grill.

Cooking-sausage used to be a chore especially watching for flare ups over the grill but with the ready cooked sausage if you thaw in the refrigerator it is not hard to cook them quickly over the grill .

If they are uncooked than it may take up to 10minutes to cook a sausage to 160degrees internally with medium to low heat. You don't want to burn or dry out the sausage It should not be over 10 minutes.

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