Drones-and-barbecue What you need to know

It looks like drones-and-barbecue are going to be a familiar site in the United States in the following months after listening to my news and tv stations. I only watch Fox news and Cnn when I watch television these days as I spend more time on the internet where video is King.

It is a well known fact among local Arizonans that our frequent UFO's are drones-and-barbecue related as the people operating the drones are spying on us as we smoke our ribs and grill our ribeyes.

This can be related to the fact that here in the Phoenix area there is a huge practice area for the Air Force called the Goldwater range named after Senator Goldwater who was a great man-an Arizonan and a conservative.

One of the reasons we relocated to the western United States was to get some privacy. Well it looks like thanks to the drones there is no longer going to be any outside privacy at the Bbq-party.

I used to wonder what was that grey sparkling object in the sky circling my home after I took a hike in Ajo Arizona. I always had wondered who was behind the Ufo's that would follow my truck on I-85 when I was heading to Phoenix at night driving north between the Goldwater Air Force Training Area where stealth fighters and regular jets would frequently practice.

I remember distinctively feeling that a car was following me on Route 85 because there was all this light in my back mirror. I never payed attention to anyone so close as I was not worried having my trusty Mossberg pump shotgun load ded with double 0012 gauge shot to send the Aliens back to Vega.

Well one night the whole road lit up like it was daytime. I stopped by the side terrified to go on-sure I had seen Close Encounters ans was aware who was shining such brilliant light down at me.

Your privacy and freedom are at risk when you are outside now doing the bbq-party

You need to be very discrete these days and avoid announcing on electronic devices that are not encrypted when you are going to have a bbq-party.

The drones can intercept all non encrypted communications. Anything that is electronic such as a telephone call,email,text message can be intercepted by the drones. Drones-and-barbecue will continue watching your location looking for the first hints of hickory smoke coming thru the smoking vents!

Make sure your telephone is equipped with frequency hopping so the drones will have difficulty listening in to your bbq-party plans.

My Frequency hopping Phone at home to beat the ease dropping drones

Here is my Frequency hopping phone to beat the ease droppers. Besides nosy neighbors the drones are listening as they circle your neighborhood. If you just have a secure encrpyted phone they can still sneak in . It is more difficult when the frequencies are constantly changing. That's why the phone is more expensive.

Anti Drone Clothing ,Cups,and Caps

Let the drones know you are on to them at the bbq-party. They can read what you are reading see what you are doing from 100,000feet up just like the old SR-15 spy jet.

So wear you anti-drone hat-when the personnel controlling the drone see your gear they will head to a clueless civilian who is not protected.

Click on the item and order this original creation done by Jasmina the Bbq kitten.

Keep our kitten Artist in catnip and hairball treats. Help pay her vets bills. She has been hacking hairballs from being nervous over drones.

We are worried about barbecue-and-drones causing our bbq-party to not invite enough kittens for her to play with as the drones send out ultrasonic waves simulating angry dogs.

Anti-Drone Hat
Anti-Drone Hat by Thebarbecuemaster
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How secure is your internet-do you know what real security is?

If you are just surfing the internet and use wi-fi you are at risk of people intercepting your messages and information even when its encrypted in wep or wpa2.

Drones-and-barbecue sre programmed in the summer months to circle above a wifi location and intecept all encrypted information which is a snap with the old web security and not hard to do with WPA2.

If you don't know what I'm talking about this is different types of encryption to prevent you from entering someones wifi system by cracking their password.

You need to have a reliable network to encrypt all your internet business and here is my recommendation as I have researched many companies but chose them for two reasons-one live 24 hour customer chat. And they are reliable with the best price for unlimited use. PureVPN is very easy to install and set up.You can do a $2.50 trial for three days . If you are like me you will take the unlimited plan.

Get your Personal Drone Video tape your competition

The drones are following you,you can follow the drones and spy on them for three hundred dollars. These drones are controlled by an ipad or android device. Yes it works and takes a live video strem of your nasty neighbors follows the dog that pooped in your backyard. Each battery gives an additional 15-20 minutes flying time

More Antidrone Gear

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Why I like a Virtual Personal Network with drones-and barbecue

When you see how many hackers are roaming the internet you realize that this is the Wild Wild West the way Arizona was in the 1800s. You need to take care of your security from snooping snoops on the internet including the drones-and-barbecue predator drones who are equipped with missles and machine guns and various forms of bombs.

My advice to you is to never look 90degrees straight up as a predator drone can do face recognition on you. Instead wear the hat you bought on this page when you step out.

Why do I like Pure VPN .I had several choices to pick for a virtual network and the reason I choise Pure VPN is simple they have 24hour customer support on chat which is wonderful-this was my dealmaker.

Also they taker your privacy and credit card information very seriously,and if they suspect fraud they make you jump hoops to prove who you are. drones-and-barbecue needs security on internet

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