Winter-barbecuing consider an electric-smoker

Winter-barbecuing is bbqing in the extreme consider an electric-smoker

If your unfortunate to live in a part of the USA where it snows and ices for several months-my advice would first be to move to a milder climate. If you can't do it because you love where you live then 2.Just put on the winter coat and keep adding more charcoal.

In general in cold weather you will need double the charcoal to cook your food.

Wind is the enemy of the smoker so try to keep your electric-smoker in a protected place on your porch away from wind.

I live in the Valley of the Sun-where you can cook an egg on a car-its too hot. And Im not kidding. But its better then freezing for me.

Now when I lived in New York State-I was the only one who barbecued in the winter using charcoal. It started to affect my mood having to go out into the blizzard of 1995-got me thinking of Florida and Arizona. What happened on the blizzard of 1995? Well, the snow trapped me in the house for three days thats what. You could not open the front door as everything was iced from freezing rain turning to snow and then it snowed 4 feet with wind drifts. They actually wanted me to come to work and I told buy boss sure if you can helicopter over and I'll be right over. But he wasn't there he was home like most of us.

Anyway I got myself an electric-smoker from brinkman to use when i was too cold to go out and change the coals. That allowed me to bbq under my covered porch when the weather was dry and cold . I was able to cook and smoke during the New York Cold-its was a lot longer times to cook.

NEVER EVER USE A SMOKER INDOORS unless the manufacturer says its designed for indoor use-ITS DANGEROUS! Electic smokers can only be used outside in dry weather. ? Unles you locate it under a porch when its raining or snowing

If you use a thermometer you will always know when its done

Advantages of electric smokers

1.No need to come out on the hour to add more charcoal which requires freezing your fingers and face-even when you where gloves and a ski mast.

2. No need to get messy with coal if thats you-I like to make a mess-: >

3. My experiences with other brands except for weber has not been bad but I again tell you that weber makes the best products in quality so far in my experience!

I used to live in New York State and I used to hate coming out in November on my porch and add more charcoal when it was 10degrees!

I recommend the electric-smokers if you are lazy or you just don't want to come out

Winter-barbecuing can be done. Cold weather-barbecuing requires extra coals and more time.

Figure on doubling the time for each recipe and doubling the coals used if the temperature is under 50 degrees f

Again you will need to use a thermometer to measure the internal food temperature when doing winter-barbecuing.

Wind- The main enemy of Winter-barbecueing

Wind is the main enemy of the electric-smoker and charcoal-smoker in cold weather-barbecuing.

Put your smoker outside in a sheltered area where the wind can be broken. If there is no sheltered area then you can build a barrier around the smoker to stop the wind-such as putting up a plastic sense around the smoker

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site the cold weather-barbecuing person may need to look at getting an electric smoker.

Or after a while like I did move to the sunbelt!

I had very good success barbecuing in the winter with my weber smoky mountain smoker. There is nothing more miserable then listening to the snow advisory from the weather station and seeing those giant pieces of snow come down on your porch blanketing it white.

But I had a little secret to deal with the winter

My rocky mountain smoker did not care if it was snowing it was a pleasure to wake up in the morning watching the smoke coming out of my smoker on the porch with the snow coming down.

Okay I hated to go out on the porch when its 20 degrees and feels like its 10 below but for baby back ribs I would go to the Arctic circle if that was the last place to get them getting an electric-smoker now take a look at the weber smoker

Using an Electric-smoker

Its similar to using a charcoal smoker except you can plug it in and leave it will keep the temperature around 220. Instead of charcoal to put your hickory chops this one had lava stones.

I put my wet hickory wood chips in some aluminum foil with a few holes poked in them and threw it on the lava stones.

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