for a long time I would not acknowledge that the electric-smokers were part of the barbecue world. Maybe it's just because I had some bad experiences with a low-quality electric-smoker.

Well I knew that there were barbecue places that used these kind of smokers to cook their meet overnight. To me this wasn't real barbecue because barbecue has to be done personally where the person is watching the charcoal bricks and the water from 8 hours to 12 hours during the middle of the night.

Does this sound like you? Well it probably does because that's the way I am most of the time when I am smoking something during the night. It's hard to go to sleep always worrying that this be enough he that there's been enough water so that the barbecue comes out great. so I tried a low quality barbecue electric-smoker which gave me disappointing results when I lived in New York. It even went so far to become Rusty when I only had it for 2 with 3 months.

So for me it was very hard to go back to an electric-smoker. I went straight to the charcoal smoker specifically the Weber Rocky Mountain smoker and was very pleased with the results. They say once you have something good you never go back.

Well you know that Charcoal smoking is a lot of hard work because you have to watch that there is enough charcoal that there is enough water and then the heat is just right. Now with the remote thermometers things become a lot easier with having to monitor the temperature.

one of my friends had this electric smoker made by masterbuild

so I went over to one of my friends for barbecue. He is more or less a lazy sort of person who tries to relax whenever possible. I do not blame him for this, but whenever he tries to tell me that an electric-smoker can cook as well as the charcoal smoker the argument can go one for hours.

Well finally he got this kind of smoker which changed my mind about using an electric-smoker. it is made from masterbuild and it is called the 30

this is an electric-smoker that was well thought out and has a builder thermometer with a remote user that you can carry around and monitor the thermometer and adjust the temperature and turn the electric smoker on and off from as far as 100 feet away. This is a smoker that actually works!

so much we can just sit at home after we load the smoker with the ribs. It has trays for up to 5 trays race of ribs and comes with a side door for adding wood chips. this smoker has a transparent door so you can see what's going on while smoking. This is basically useless because when the smoke starts you can't see what's going on inside unless you open the door.

the beauty of this smoker lies in its remote control

this is what changed my mind about using an electric-smoker take a look at the electric-smokers and the best-of-bbq top ten

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