enchiladas my love affair with them

Enchiladas I remember eating them the first time down in sonora mexico when I went with my girlfriend to a wedding of one of her hundred cousins who lived in the town of Caborca Mexico.

We had chicken-enchiladas at the party.Her uncle was a big shot an El heffe in the town who used to me their Mayor. Those were good days driving across the border dirt road and heading down thru sonoita knowing we were going to eat some great mexican food at his ranch.

Yes that where I ate chicken-enchiladas and learned how to drink tequila and roast a javelina marinated in tequia!

I just love enchiladas. The 1st time I had enchiladas was back in Tucson in the 1980s when I was visiting Arizona for the 1st time they are something to special and so tasty. They are spicy and even though it's not barbecue I think you will like it and like to make it.

enchiladas come in several different varieties especially cheese, chicken, and beef varieties. They are all very delicious and very easy to make. To make things very simple you will need to get some ingredients.


Oil I like to use olive oil and canola oil is fine

tortillas i like flour tortillas

2 cans enchilada sauce you can get in the supermarket

2 big sweet vidalia onions

2 pounds mexican cheese blend shredded in the supermarket or get a queso at the mexian market and sgred yourself

if you want you can add shredded meat like chicken or beef to the mixture of cheese.

Enchiladas are so easy

Get out your frying pan and pour some oil enough oil to cover the pan.

Throw your tortillas into the oil and cook them and then throw them into the enchilada sauce.

then throw the cheese into the middle of the tortia and roll it up and place them in a baking pan. Pour your enchilada sauce on top of the soon to be enchiladas same with the onions then the next thing is to cover the enchiladas with cheese.

do this with all your tortillas and then you can bake the enchiladas at 375 f. for 20 minutes. Serve with a nice salsa and horchata a very tasty mexican drink.

sapo making cheese-enchiladas

here is Sapo from U tube making cheese enchiladas and serrano salsa. He gives a wonderful clear video on making chesse-enchiladas and salsa. And he is funny I think he should be on television.

i enjoy watching him cook better then watching the so called comedians on television.

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it came out great,i used to buy enchiladas at the local mexican restaurant but as money is tight my family decided we are going to do things by ourself …

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